Home Technology The battle royale PC game “Wild Extreme Warfare” opens Asia Focus Test, bringing new content for a week | T Kebang

The battle royale PC game “Wild Extreme Warfare” opens Asia Focus Test, bringing new content for a week | T Kebang

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The battle royale PC game “Wild Extreme Warfare” opens Asia Focus Test, bringing new content for a week | T Kebang

Netmarble’s action battle royale game “HypeSquad” (HypeSquad) opened the Asia Focus Test, which will be held between the 5th and the 13th. Before the official launch, players can experience it through the Steam platform New modes and content.

From now on, players can go to the official Steam website to download the “”Wild Wars” Asia Focus Test” application to participate in the test. Players participating in the Asia Focus Test will be able to experience a new gaming experience: including:

  • Touchdown mode:Players will form a team of 5 with the goal of destroying the enemy camp with bombs and scoring points. When the bomb appears in the center of the map, each team will use powerful combat skills and strategy to defeat the opponent.
  • Hype Square Mode:This is a non-combat game mode, players can freely explore the future city map “Cagliostro”. When traveling through the city, players can also participate in mini-games such as treasure hunting and jumping music set up throughout the map.

The remaining updates include:

  • Passive skills for occupying strongholds:Starting from Asia Focus Test, players can obtain buffs when occupying strongholds, because once occupying strongholds, passive skills such as overall stamina improvement, movement speed increase, and damage reduction will take effect. Additionally, capturing a stronghold can still revive teammates.
  • New weapon passive skills:Added 1 passive skill to each weapon. For example, when the player uses the “Storm Trigger”, which is a weapon that uses wind, the basic jumping ability can be increased by 50%. If the player uses the disc-shaped weapon “Battle Wheel”, the basic movement speed can be increased by 10%.
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Wild Wars is a fast-paced game where players form squads of 3 and engage in battles of up to 20 teams simultaneously, surviving intense and uniquely creative close quarters combat. Combining a variety of weapons and chips, players can customize their personal fighting style to lead the team to victory.

The game provides a variety of characters, each with a different background and motivation, as well as a variety of special melee and long-range weapons, allowing players to choose a variety of weapon combinations. In addition, “Wild Extreme Warfare” also has many props and level improvement methods waiting for players on the battlefield to improve their performance, including support props and chips. There are also interactive objects in the game, such as ropes and springboards, which provide players with strategic gameplay when striving for victory on the battlefield.

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