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The best video games of this year and some dispassionate advice

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The best video games of this year and some dispassionate advice

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It’s like the records of the 80s. They are also given as gifts to say something about ourselves. This is why the gaming list of the best of 2023 must necessarily talk about who you are and what you want to communicate. Wanting to limit ourselves to the best of a year which was full of exclusives and important games, note the following titles: Marvel Spider-man 2 if you are a Playstation 5 user, Super Mario Bros. Wonder if you have a Nintendo Switch, Starfield if you have an Xbox or a GamesPass subscription. Going into more detail, the new videogame Spider-Man is essentially an evolution of the first, with a more spectacular technical section, a larger map and more content. The new Super Mario is perhaps the best two-dimensional Super Mario of the last decade. Starfield, on the other hand, is the perfect gift for those who love space exploration, science fiction films and cosmic solitude.

If by chance you have a friend who is passionate about Dungeon & Dragons and fantasy games, this is their year because Baldur’s Gate 3 is not only a great classic but perhaps the best game of the year. There would also be Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Nintendo Switch only) which is truly the best sequel to one of the best Zelda games ever. Indeed, without perhaps.

Just as if you are a fan of the little wizard, let’s talk about the Wizard with a capital M, then this year there is Hogwarts Legacy (Playstation, Xbox and PC) which, although its gameplay is dated, is the only game that really takes you into the pages of JK Rowling’s novels.

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If you know someone who only plays soulslikes, who constantly talks to you about Elden Ring and how happy he was in the Interregnum, then you can suggest “Lies of P” (Playstation, Xbox and PC) which tells a violent and confusing story of a Pinocchio in dark style and set in the Belle Epoque. The Bosses are truly ruthless and if you were a fan of Bloodborne you will love it madly.

Then in quick succession “Venba” (Nintendo, Playstation, PC and Xbox) if you like food and cooking, “Amnesia: The Bunker” (Nintendo, Playstation, PC and Xbox) if you love horror and Chants of Sennaar ( Nintendo, Playstation, PC and Xbox) if you are looking for something new. Finally, to close the list, three titles for eighties players Diablo 4 and Final Fantasy XVI. Here’s everything.

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