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The headphones with ANC & air purification can do that

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The headphones with ANC & air purification can do that

Jul 20, 2023 12:01 am 2 min readingDyson Zone: Stylish headphones with active noise cancellation and air purification function. (Image source: Dyson)

Today, July 20, 2023, the Dyson Zone will be released – over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation and air purification function. We reveal what the stylish headphones are all about.

Dyson Zone: Pure sound with ANC

There’s never been anything like it: The Dyson Zone is Headphones and air purifier in one and thus combines pure sound with pure air. Sounds pretty crazy and maybe it is, but the headphones not only look futuristic, they are also made of advanced Dyson technology installed. They offer a remarkable battery life of up to 50 hours for pure audio playback with ANC switched on. Eight microphones with active noise cancellation monitor the ambient noise 384,000 times per second and ensure that background noise is suppressed.

Dyson Zone: Watch now at Dyson

In addition, there are two microphones for telephony and transparency systems. In combination with intelligent signal processing, distortion is reduced and realistic, detailed sound generated. The 40mm neodymium speaker drivers with 16 ohms delivers a wide frequency range for a predominantly clear sound experience in the bass, midrange and treble range.

The highlight: Clean air thanks to the removable visor

The biggest feature of the Dyson Zone is this contactless visor with built-in air purifier. It attaches magnetically to the headphones and continuously directs a stream of purified air to your nose and mouth without touching your face. This ensures a hygienic air supply and comfortable breathing. The two-stage filter system is able to filter both exhaust gases and pollutants from the air. In addition, the auto activity mode uses an integrated accelerometer to monitor the movement speed and the Adjust airflow to breathing rate.

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The Dyson Zone: Wearable with or without the air-purifying visor (Image source: Dyson) Dyson Zone: Check it out now at Dyson

Full control with the MyDyson app

You can connect the Dyson Zone to the MyDyson app to further enhance the pure sound experience. The following features complete the overall package:

Real-time overview of environmental pollution and noise levelsManage audio settingsBattery and filter indicatorsVideo guides and automatic updates

The Dyson Zone in the color “night blue/dark blue” is now available in stores for 899 euros. Exclusively in the Dyson online shop you can buy the headphones in the color “night blue copper” with a travel bag and additional accessories for 959 euros. You can find more information about the revolutionary headphones on the Dyson overview page.

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