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This is the salary of a NASA astronaut, who has just opened a new call

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This is the salary of a NASA astronaut, who has just opened a new call

After two years of intense training, ten Americans have officially become astronauts and are now eligible for NASA missions to the International Space Station, the Moon, and potentially even Mars. This group, known as “The Flies,” was selected from a pool of 12,000 applicants in 2021 and includes fighter pilots, scientists, engineers, and a doctor. Their training included simulations of spacewalks, robotics, and other essential skills.

NASA associate administrator Jim Free praised the new astronauts, emphasizing their exceptional abilities and willingness to take on the risks associated with space travel. Christina Birch, a graduate with a doctorate in biological engineering, highlighted the camaraderie among the group during their training, including sharing the last package of M&M peanuts during a survival exercise.

As the new astronauts prepare for their missions, many are curious about the requirements for becoming an astronaut and the benefits that come with the job. NASA has recently opened applications for its next generation of astronauts, with a deadline of April 2. Applicants must be US citizens with a background in science, technology, or aviation, with an annual salary of $152,258.

Despite the risks and challenges of space travel, being an astronaut is a prestigious and coveted profession, offering the unique opportunity to explore and discover the unknown. The new graduates are eager and prepared for the adventures that lie ahead.

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