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TikTok against cyberbullies: Parents in Blue Jeans makes a stop in Genoa (and then in Milan and Rome)

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TikTok against cyberbullies: Parents in Blue Jeans makes a stop in Genoa (and then in Milan and Rome)

The initiative is called Parents in Blue Jeans, and will remind the older ones a famous and funny sitcom from the 1980sbut the topic to which it is dedicated is decidedly serious: this itinerant tour for Italy, conceived by TikTok together with Carolina Foundationfocuses on the conscious and safe use of the Internet and social networks and the dangers of cyberbullying.

The new stage, after those of Venice, Assisi, Palermo, Novara and Naples, is scheduled for this Wednesday (November 16) in Genoainside the Orientations Hall, from 6 to 8 pm in the Sala Grecale of the Cotton Warehouses: at the meeting, which you can sign up for freewill be attended by Giacomo Lev Mannheimer, head of TikTok’s Southern European Institutional Relations, Ivano Zoppi and Paolo Picchio, who are respectively general secretary and honorary president of the Carolina Foundation.

Picchio is the father of Carolina, the first recognized victim of cyberbullying in Italyfrom whose tragic story was born the law of our country against this phenomenon, in force since June 2017: the statistics of the Foundation say that 3 out of 4 children are involved, directly or not, in episodes related to incorrect or unconscious use of the Web and according to Zoppi this “is the sign that we adults are not doing enough”.


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The purpose of Parents in Blue Jeans (which in the coming months it will also stop in Milan and Rome) is precisely this: to help educators and families, also through concrete suggestions and ideas, to adequately accompany adolescents on their online journey and to lead them to a safe and informed use of digital technology. Starting from the social networks, and obviously from what has been the most used social network for the very young for a couple of years: “The security of the TikTok community, in particular that of younger users, has always been our top priority – recalled Mannheimer – To achieve this goal, the involvement of parents and educators, whom we are proud to be able to support by working with the Carolina Foundation, is essential. The passage of our project to Orientations, which has become a point of reference for young people and their familiesit was a natural and important choice for us ”.

As on Italian Tech we have often mentionedthe ByteDance platform has in fact been engaged for some time in an attempt to counteract the most toxic and harmful aspects of the Internet, also with resources made available to members and their parents, such as Family Control, a guide on well-being in the use of app, and the renewed control panel inside the same, which among other things allows you to view a lot of data relating to the time spent on TikTok, including reports of the time spent daily on the app and how many times it has been opened, as well as details of day or night use. Furthermore, always in the app there are useful tools such as the ability to set a daily limit, of check the maximum time of a single session and to receive a notification reminding you of the need to take a break.

According to what was explained, during the meeting they will be illustrate information and provide tips and tricks for a conscious use of these digital tools also through a quiz aimed at the public, which will be able to interact through smartphones. Always with one purpose: “Encourage people to think more carefully about how to develop positive digital habits, not just through one increased awareness of the time spent online, but also through feeling the masters of the different ways of using it ”, in the words of Mannheimer. So that stories like Carolina’s do not have to be told anymore.

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