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Viennese startup develops e-bikes for all weather conditions

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Viennese startup develops e-bikes for all weather conditions

E-bikes have made their way into the mainstream in recent years. More and more electric bicycles are on the roads, not least because they represent a sustainable alternative to cars. But the weather is still a problem for committed cyclists. When it rains, it quickly becomes uncomfortable to be out and about on an e-bike. The Viennese startup Ducenti Bike wants to change that with a fully covered e-bike that should be suitable for all weather conditions.

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Wheel should protect against all weather conditions

“The Ducenti Bike is a future-oriented alternative for environmentally conscious people who don’t want to do without cycling even in bad weather and who want to combine safety with comfort at the same time. Compared to the cargo bike, it also offers a safe means of transport for the children going to school. The aim of the project is to help shape the dynamic market for e-mobility in the city and to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the car,” says the young company, which only started in 2022.

The Ducenti Bike is a three-wheeled velomobile with an additional electric drive thanks to Einhell’s Power X-Change. Up to eight battery packs can be used. Ducenti sees his vehicle as a hybrid of car and e-bike. It is intended to combine the comfort and protection of a car with the advantages of cycling. With its full fairing, the wheel should offer protection against all weather conditions and thus enable year-round operation. According to the startup, the vehicle is intended to be used specifically in the city. In contrast to conventional velomobiles, which are often built as sports equipment, the Ducenti bike is characterized by efficient aerodynamics and high manoeuvrability.

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Bike will provide additional space for child

According to the young company, other advantages of Ducenti are easy handling in traffic, a low weight of a maximum of 38 kilograms and a narrow design of around 2.2 meters in length and 78 centimeters in width. Drivers with the vehicle would only need about one square meter of parking space. An additional place for a child is also planned. The velomobile should also be useful for the way to school.

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The Ducenti Bike has a modular drive system, with the startup relying on a classic wheel hub motor with outputs of 250 watts to 1,000 watts. Riders can operate the Ducenti Bike in three ways. You can pedal as you would on a normal bicycle, receive electrical support from the drive or rely on fully electric operation.

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Ducenti plans market launch for 2024

The vehicle is currently in prototype production, the production of the pilot series is planned for the second quarter of 2024. The Ducenti bike should therefore be available to end consumers in the online shop and from selected sales partners from 2025. The exact price for the bike has not yet been determined, but should range between 7,000 and 8,000 euros. This puts the vehicle in a similar price range to high-quality cargo bikes – which, as the startup notes, do not offer protection from the weather.

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