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Xbox promises that Bethesda’s latest work “Starry Sky” will not be just a “space version of Skyrim” #无界天空(185075) – Cool3c

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Xbox promises that Bethesda’s latest work “Starry Sky” will not be just a “space version of Skyrim” #无界天空(185075) – Cool3c

The latest sci-fi open world masterpiece “Starfield” created by Bethesda has been expected by many players since its release. This long-awaited new original IP was originally expected to be officially launched at the end of this year, but some time ago It has been announced that it will be postponed to the first half of 2023. Although Microsoft has revealed a large number of game screens from “Starry Sky” to players at a press conference this year, many details remain unknown. And now, Matt Booty, the head of the Xbox game department, has also come out to emphasize to fans that “Starry Sky” will definitely not be just “the space version of “Unbounded Sky”.

“Starry Sky” will jump in the direction of “Unbounded Skyrim”

“The Elder Scrolls 5: Unbounded Sky”, which was first launched in 2011, has already become the most representative work of Bethesda in recent years. This fantasy RPG has a high degree of freedom and rich content, and it is also available on the PC platform. It also supports the function of modules, allowing players to develop various game content by themselves. Therefore, this game has continued to board new platforms since then. However, in the upcoming latest masterpiece “Starry Sky”, Matt Booty believes that Bethesda will completely break away from the direction set by “Unbounded Skyrim” and bring a lot of new elements to diehard fans.

In an interview with well-known YouTuber SkillUp, Matt Booty talked about the fact that players will inevitably compare Starfield to Skyrim in the end.

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“We’re going to move forward with a lot of new elements in this game,” Matt Booty said. You can see this by visiting their studio. The team is currently working hard to try to complete these contents smoothly and put them together. I was fortunate enough to participate in the status report of the game and so on, just watching them keep confirming It’s really interesting how polished the current version of the game is.”

But it will still continue the team’s signature dialogue and divergence system

As for whether Matt Booty’s statement is accurate, it seems that it will be confirmed after the game’s follow-up news is released, but what is certain is that “Starry Sky” will still use one of the elements from “Unbounded Sky”, that is, the dialogue system. And the protagonist played by the player will not have any dialogue at all in the game. As for the total dialogue of all characters, it will reach 250,000 sentences, which will be double that of the team’s last large-scale work “Falling Dead 4” as much. Just like the team’s past works, in “Starry Sky”, players can make many major choices that can affect the overall plot direction through dialogue with NPCs.

For now, Bethesda has not disclosed the exact launch time of “Starry Sky”, but it has confirmed that it will be launched on PC and Xbox Series X in the first half of 2023 following another shooter game “Redfall” from the publisher. The /S version will also be on the Game Pass platform on the day it goes on sale.

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