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Alain Delon, shock in his home: 72 firearms seized

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Alain Delon, shock in his home: 72 firearms seized

As many as 72 firearms and over three thousand ammunition: this is the arsenal found by the French gendarmerie who searched the actor’s home last week Alain Delon e seized all the material. The news was provided to the French press only in the last few hours following the declarations of Montargis’ prosecutor, Jean-Cèdric Gaux, in a statement.

The discovery

The gravity of the situation arises from the fact that the 88-year-old actor, now in increasingly precarious health conditions, “did not have any authorization that allowed him to possess a firearm” according to what was revealed by the initial investigations. This search was carried out after the Prosecutor’s Office decided to open another investigation due to the pressing requests of the children who were increasingly worried about their father’s health status and the ongoing family conflicts as has happened in recent times. As he writes The Parisianthe kidnapping took place in Douchy’s residence (Loiret).

The accused to Delon

Despite the first statements from the gendarmerie, some French media say that those owned by Delon are mostly missile weapons (categories A and B) and from collection given that there is even a shooting range inside the family property. If it is certified that the actor did not have the authorization to possess those weapons, he could be accused of “illicit storage of weapons” and “illicit acquisition and possession of weapons of categories A, B and C”, as indicated by the prosecutor of Montargis. Tensions with family members and concerns about the actor’s fragile state of health would have pushed the judges to avoid any risk. “My client is very concerned to know that Alain Delon is being held without medical care and with weapons nearby,” said Yassine Bouzrou, the lawyer of Hiromi Rollin, the actor’s partner.

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According to the investigations of the gendarmes, a general practitioner who has Alain Delon in the summer of 2023 saw that his morale was very low and he no longer had expectations regarding his life. The medical report noted that he was “in a state of physical and psychological exhaustion with a strong suicidal risk”. In an interview with the magazine Ellehis daughter Anouchka Delon said that when she goes to visit her father she “always goes with his bodyguard”.

The French press writes that both the daughter Anouchka but also the brothers, when they find themselves in Douchy, “walk around the house armed”, believing they are “in the Wild West”: it was these testimonies that pushed the police to search and seize the weapons from Delon’s house.

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