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Aleksa Dunjić released from custody | Info

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Aleksa Dunjić released from custody |  Info

Aleksa Dunjić has been released from custody and will defend himself from freedom.

Source: Kurir/Zorana Jevtić

In the building of the Special Court in Belgrade, the trial of Veljko Belivuk, Marko Miljković and other accused members of their criminal group for seven murders in Serbia, kidnappings, drug and weapons trafficking continued today. Collaborative witness Nikola Spasojević testified today, and after his testimony, some of the defendants’ defense attorneys requested that they be released from custody.

Aleksa Dunjić, one of the members of the Veljka Belivuk clan, was released from prison on April 4., “Blic” learns. He was released from custody when the Court of Appeal canceled the decision on the extension of custody. Aleksa Dunjić is accused of participating in the IS kidnapping in front of the stadium in Humska Street. IS tortured in the base of the stadium, as well as raped, according to the indictment against the clan. No other criminal proceedings are pending against him and he has not been convicted.

The lawyer Stefan Jokić came forward and stated that he “has neither the sense nor the honor” to ask after Spasojević’s presentation at 6:30 p.m. cancellation of detention for Aleksa Stošić. Milovan Tadić’s defense attorney then requested the termination of custody.

Lawyer Dalibor Katancevic requested that the custody of the accused Nemanja Lakićević be lifted. Vladimir Greko’s defense attorney, lawyer Dragan Malović, requested that the panel also revoke his detention. The deputy prosecutor for organized crime opposed this proposal, considering that there are still reasons for them to be behind bars. The judge rejected these proposals.

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