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An Army Aviation Brigade of the 74th Group Army and a Special Operations Brigade carry out an actual military exercise- Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China

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Source: People’s Liberation Army DailyAuthor: Chen Dianhong Xu Haojie Zhong JunjieResponsible editor: Wang Feng2022-11-03 10:11

An Army Aviation Brigade of the 74th Group Army joined hands with a special operations brigade to improve the level of system training——

Collaborative fusion forging “golden partner”

■People’s Liberation Army Daily reporter Chen Dianhong correspondent Xu Haojie Zhong Junjie

The wind swirled and the iron wings swirled. Recently, an army aviation brigade of the 74th Group Army joined hands with a special operations brigade to conduct an actual military exercise. After receiving the order, several helicopters carried special forces to maneuver quickly to the target area. During the flight, the mist suddenly rose, and the “enemy” air defense force took the opportunity to sneak attack from the rear side, and the escort helicopter could not carry out an effective attack for a while.

At this time, Wu Shengjie, the commander of the special operations team, made an evasion prompt after careful observation. The transport helicopter pilots quickly performed ultra-low-altitude tactical maneuvers and constantly adjusted their flight attitude. Under the cover of gunship firepower, Liu Yongheng, the machine gunner of the special operations team, decisively cut off the fire and successfully destroyed the target.

“The pilots and the special forces team up to control the ‘enemy’, which is the epitome of the two units’ collaborative improvement of the system’s training level.” According to a leader of an army aviation brigade, the helicopter has strong firepower and penetration capabilities, but it is easy to be discovered and locked by the “enemy”. Before the exercise, they had several run-ins with the special forces and carried out intensive training; during the exercise, the special forces provided the helicopter pilots with observation information on the flanks and rear wings, and used the machine guns installed at the hatch to carry out “enemies”. Fire strike.

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Showing power on the battlefield today comes from unremitting exploration. The two brigades had previously carried out airborne missions together. At that time, when the pilot chose the landing site to land, he ignored the special forces’ concealment needs, so that the special forces were exposed to the “enemy” vision after leaving the plane, which eventually led to the failure of the operation.

“Considering the safety of landing, it is understandable for pilots to avoid jungle areas and choose to land in relatively flat and open areas. But for special forces, landing in open areas is tantamount to exposing themselves to their opponents.” , the pilots and the special forces conducted in-depth exchanges based on the details of the drill, and sorted out the problems in the training one by one. Everyone realizes that the system training is not a temporary “singing show”, nor is it a simple “1+1” combination. Only by breaking professional barriers and eliminating collaborative blind spots can the organic integration of various combat elements be achieved, thus forging a “golden partner in combat” “.

To this end, the two sides focus on the needs of coordinated operations, coordinate training plans, and conduct joint exercises and training through mutual recruitment of instructors and partners to gradually strengthen the overall awareness and collaborative thinking of officers and soldiers. To make collaborative reconnaissance more accurate and efficient; to open multiple types of training grounds to broaden the professional cooperation between pilots and special forces, so that the two sides can cooperate from take-off and landing to the entire combat process.

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Fierce tiger inserts eagle’s wings, eagle and tiger are born with power. “With the continuous deepening of the collaborative training of the two strong brigades, the road of system training has become wider and more solid.” According to the introduction of a leader of a special operations brigade, they focused on the normalization of frontier problems in system training and carried out research and training to innovate. A number of tactics and training methods, and many times to work together to complete the major training tasks assigned by superiors.

【Short comment】

Turn “hard fingers” into “iron fists”

■ Zhu Jiang

“The victory or defeat of soldiers is not about being outnumbered, but about dividing and combining.” In recent years, the “shock wave” of systematic training has profoundly affected the training mode of troops and the way of thinking of officers and soldiers. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China also put forward requirements for “deepening joint training”. In fact, it is difficult for any single branch of the military to dominate battlefield operations, and any combat operation is inseparable from the support of the system. Only by continuously promoting the synergy of elements and strengthening the system and training, can different “hard fingers” be clenched into “iron fists” that can win battles.

Troop drills are like wrought iron and steel, and the system training is the “melting pot”. Not only do you need to remove “impurities” from various elements, and you need to be refined and refined, but you also need to find the right position in the system, practice hard and strong, and be strong in high temperature and fire. It is continuously melted and quenched until it is reshaped and shaped, and a new winning alloy can be forged. In other words, only when the elements of the battlefield are combined to form an iron fist, can the combat effectiveness be multiplied.

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The operational awareness of the system needs to be grasped from peacetime and from every officer and soldier. We must focus on strengthening problem research in practice, jumping out of the old thinking of fighting each other, firmly establishing a systematic combat thinking, laying a solid foundation for synthesis and coordination based on each training, and constantly strengthening the initiative and proficiency of coordination and cooperation. At the same time, strengthen the learning system of combat knowledge, make up for the shortcomings of ability and quality, and win the future battlefield with excellent combat skills.

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