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Ana Ćurčić on the conflict with Moko Slavnić | Fun

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Ana Ćurčić on the conflict with Moko Slavnić |  Fun

Ana Ćurčić was disappointed by Moka Slavnić right before the Cooperative, and today she told what happened.

Source: YouTube/Zadruga Official

“Do you know what he said to me when it all happened? Not to sentence Zvezdan to life, but to a certain period of time… Because, believe me, he doesn’t know him. After our correspondence, he published a correspondence with me,” she recalled Ana Ćurčićand Zorica interrupted her: “He defended his son and that is legitimate”.

Source: Kurir TV printscreen

No, believe me, it’s personal frustration and my degradation. When I released the picture with Ac (Bulić), he attacked me for saying that he was my love, for giving an interview and not informing him. First, I’m so old, I don’t need to ask anyone for permission… And then I saw what he said… That he supports Anđela, and I in disintegration. Well, I was with his son, and where was he then? Everything was so disgusting. I wrote to him:Shame on you‘. A man lives a reality outside, hardly any journalists call him,” said Ana, who spent fifteen years together with Moka’s son, and they have known each other since high school.

Ana Ćurčić
Source: YouTube/Zadruga Official

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