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ANITA “Exclusive toll for trucks on the FI-PI-LI is discriminatory” – News

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ANITA “Exclusive toll for trucks on the FI-PI-LI is discriminatory” – News

The possible introduction of a toll for heavy vehicles on the FI-PI-LI highway, proposed by the Tuscany Region to obtain the funds necessary to make the road section between Florence, Pisa and Livorno safe, is causing various controversies within the sector of the road haulage.

“A selective toll for trucks, in a section of road that is fundamental for the movement of goods in our country, represents unjustified discrimination against the companies we represent – commented the President of ANITA Riccardo Morelli – we need to rethink the measure by abolishing tolls for heavy vehicles or extending it to all categories of vehicles in transit, all the more so if we consider that the costs necessary for making the infrastructure safe and adapting it are far greater than the possible proceeds deriving from the exclusive toll for a single vehicle category.”

The introduction of an additional tax for heavy vehicles would not guarantee companies equal conditions of access to the market, furthermore creating a further increase in costs for the regional and national manufacturing sector, already heavily conditioned by the recent increases in production costs.

“The cost increases caused by this toll risk having worrying repercussions in economic terms, especially for companies in Tuscany – continues Morelli – a region rich in entrepreneurial realities that move a considerable quantity of goods every day all over the world“.

“We believe that the works on the FI-PI-LI represent a priority for the protection of citizens and hauliers who travel along the Tuscan road section – continues Morelli – but we cannot accept that the infrastructure management costs should fall solely on our companies and more generally on the country’s distribution chain.”

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