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Another 14,870 confirmed cases and 35 deaths in Hong Kong | Entry Quarantine | The Epoch Times

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Another 14,870 confirmed cases and 35 deaths in Hong Kong | Entry Quarantine | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, December 15, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Lin Ni Hong Kong comprehensive report) The Center for Health Protection announced that as of 00:00 on the 14th, there were 14,870 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong, including 13,974 local cases and 896 imported cases In one case, 35 patients died.

Among the imported cases, the Department of Health has found 226 cases of XBB, 6 cases of XBD, 8 cases of BA.2.75.2, 7 cases of BA.4.6, 13 cases of BF.7 and 38 cases of BQ.1.1 subfamily. Among the local cases 132 cases of XBB, 18 cases of XBD, 1 case of BA.2.75.2, 7 cases of BF.7 and 150 cases of BQ.1.1 sublineage were also found.

In terms of nursing homes, a total of 28 residents and 8 staff members of 20 residential care homes for the elderly were diagnosed, and 19 residents were listed as close contacts. A total of 21 residents and 1 staff member in 12 residential homes for the disabled were diagnosed, and 21 residents were listed as close contacts.

In schools, a total of 2,311 cases were recorded, of which 1,980 students and 331 teaching staff were diagnosed. There are 4 kindergartens/child care centers, 13 primary schools, 21 secondary schools and 2 special schools. Students in a total of 42 classes need to suspend classes for 7 days.

There have been 1,097,451 positive nucleic acid test cases and 1,192,866 positive rapid antigen test cases in Hong Kong so far, with 11,056 deaths.

Regarding public hospitals, the Hospital Authority stated that the current overall occupancy rate of medical beds in acute hospitals is about 106%. Another 501 confirmed patients need to be admitted to the hospital, and a total of 3,750 patients need to be hospitalized. There are 1,642 newcomers who need to stay in isolation facilities.

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The authorities also newly reported 19 critical patients and 32 serious patients. There are now a total of 94 critical patients and 105 serious patients. Among them, 33 critical patients are receiving intensive treatment.

In addition, starting today, Shenzhen will increase the number of “health post” places for Hong Kong people to enter and quarantine by 500 to 2,500. The “Health Station” was adjusted to 2,000 per day on the 9th, which is another increase in less than a week. Relevant declarations start from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and the results will be announced at 8:00 pm. ◇

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