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Bread Attack: Cuban Etecsa Office’s Window Gets Smashed by Loaf of Bread

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Bread Attack: Cuban Etecsa Office’s Window Gets Smashed by Loaf of Bread


Images of an Etecsa office in news, Cuba, with a broken window caused by a loaf of bread being thrown at it, have recently gone viral. The incident took place in the Jesús Menéndez neighborhood of Bayamo, news. Journalist Ernesto Morales shared a message on the incident, stating that the individual responsible rode a motorcycle and threw the moving bread at the office’s facade, causing the windows to shatter.

Morales also added a touch of humor to his post, commenting on the incident as a “dangerous precedent.” He joked that if someone were to detonate a bag of Hello Coffee or if the bread had contained Prodal croquettes, the consequences could have been even worse.

Responding to comments on his post, Morales confirmed the authenticity of the incident, stating that the photos were indeed real and taken on Friday.

The incident has generated laughter among Cubans, with some users making witty comments about the durability of bread-breaking glass. One user from Santiago stated that bread changes texture and weight as time passes, making it capable of breaking glass if thrown with enough force.

The humorous reactions continued with comments about the resilience of bread. Some wrote that bread is indeed glass-proof and even suggested that it deserved a prize. Others commented that the sacredness of bread in notebooks would prevent it from being thrown easily, especially with so many obstacles in its path.

As of now, there has been no official statement regarding the incident. It seems to have purely entertained the Cuban public, who find it amusing and unexpected.

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A Twitter user from X expressed their disbelief, stating that they initially thought the crowd of workers at the Etecsa office was because they were handing out lines or something similar. However, they were surprised to find out that the cause was a loaf of bread.

The incident has gained significant attention on social media, with many sharing their lighthearted reactions. The images of the broken window caused by a loaf of bread have become a peculiar and viral moment in Cuba.

Photo Credit: Ernesto Morales

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