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Canada’s employment returns to pre-epidemic levels, the fourth wave of epidemic shows signs of containment

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 (Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Employment in Canada returns to pre-epidemic levels, the fourth wave of the epidemic shows signs of control

China News Service, Toronto, October 8 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) The latest labor force survey data released by Statistics Canada on October 8 shows that with the gradual lifting of epidemic prevention measures and the restart of economic activities, the country’s employment status has been reduced in September this year. Return to the level before the new crown epidemic.

Canada added 157,000 jobs in September, an increase of 0.8% from the previous month. The employment rate was 60.9%, which was 0.9 percentage points lower than the level in February 2020 before the epidemic. The labor force participation rate was 65.5%, similar to last February.

Compared with last February, the employment rate of women in the “core age group” aged 25 to 54 increased slightly by 0.8%, while the employment rate of men remained flat. The number of jobs in the service production sector has exceeded the level before the epidemic, but the number of jobs in the goods production sector is 3.2% lower than in February last year. The number of public and private sector jobs is the same as before the epidemic or has increased, while self-employed jobs are still 8.4% lower than in February last year.

Although the number of unemployed people has not changed much, the increase in the number of people participating in the labor market caused the unemployment rate to fall to 6.9% in September, which caused the unemployment rate to fall for the fourth consecutive month and reached its lowest value since the epidemic.

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The Public Health Department of Canada said on the 8th that the new epidemic model shows that if the current epidemic trend is maintained, the fourth wave of epidemics promoted by the Delta strain will be controlled in the next few weeks. Canadian Chief Public Health Officer Tan Yongshi said that the virus infection index (Rt value) has fallen below 1 for the first time since mid-July. This shows that this wave of epidemics is showing a downward trend.

Public health officials remind the public to continue to follow epidemic prevention measures on the occasion of the long Thanksgiving weekend.

On the same day, Ontario, which has the largest number of cumulative cases in the country, announced that as relevant epidemic prevention indicators have remained stable or improved, the province has lifted restrictions on the number of people in some public places from October 9. These venues include concert venues, theaters, conference venues, racetracks, racetracks, etc. Restaurants and gyms are not listed here. Officials say the province has one of the lowest proportions of active cases in the country, and the proportion is much lower than the national average.

As of the evening of October 8, Canada had reported a total of about 1.655 million cases, with 4141 new cases in a single day; about 1.586 million recovered cases, 28,186 deaths, and 41,219 active cases. At present, about 76% of the country’s total population has received at least one dose of the new crown vaccine, and about 71% have been fully vaccinated. (over)

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