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Ceca and Aca Lukas “gifted” concerts to SNSD, it is known at what value | Info

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Ceca and Aca Lukas “gifted” concerts to SNSD, it is known at what value |  Info

Data from the Central Election Commission of BiH show that two well-known folk stars Svetlana Ražnatović – Ceca and Aleksandar Vuksanović – Aca Lukas donated their performances during the pre-election campaign to the SNSD in a total value of about 19 thousand KM.

Source: Slaven Petković, mondo.ba

The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina has published the annual financial reports of the parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2022, which, among other things, contain the information that the SNSD received during the election campaign a non-monetary donation, i.e. a gift in the amount of 9.5 thousand convertible marks from Svetlana Ražnatović, and a similar service, i.e. a performance of 9 thousand marks, was “gifted” to the SNSD by Aleksandar Vuksanović, known as Aca Lukas, TI BiH announced.

The authors of the text remind that the same singer paid 78,000 KM for her visit to the Jahorina Olympic Center in 2018.

The SNSD financial report lists this performance during the election campaign as gift.

In its financial report, this party listed both of these performances as a type of non-monetary donation that it had no obligation to pay, in the amount of 18,500 KM. These concerts without payment of royalties were held as part of the final forum of SNSD in Banja Luka as part of pre-election activities before the 2022 general elections.

Ceca at the SNSD meeting
Source: Pixsell, YouTube

After the election, SNSD reported that they had spent a total of 1.54 million KM for the campaign, and the estimate made by TI BIH, as they claim, “based on field monitoring” showed that this party on billboards, ads in the media and Facebook and spent the least amount of pre-election rallies 2 million KM.

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“TI BIH observers escorted 99 major gatherings of the SNSD whose value, including food, drinks, music, space rental, equipment and tent rental, was, according to TI BIH’s estimation, at least 850,000 KM. The actual costs of the SNSD campaign as well as the income which this party achieves are much higher and according to the latest report its revenues amount to 3 million KM and they do not show a single mark of donation from private companies, but also over 44 thousand marks that this party received as a gift or service”. it is stated.

The law on the financing of political parties stipulates that political parties are obliged to keep records of their income and expenses and submit a financial report to the CEC for each calendar year, however, for years the parties report income and expenses that are significantly lower than the real ones.


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