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China’s outbound tourism picks up speed

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China Overseas Chinese Network, March 19th Question: China’s outbound tourism is picking up rapidly, and these countries are “fancy” attracting tourists!

Just in time for the warmth of spring and the blossoming of flowers, China’s outbound tourism is picking up rapidly. Starting from March 15, China will resume a pilot program of “re-expanding” the list of destination countries for outbound group tours. So far, China has opened the pilot destination countries for outbound group tours to 60 countries.

On the first day of the resumption of outbound tourism from the second batch of countries, tourists started their journey by taking the China-Laos Railway.Photo by Liu Ranyang

Since Chinese tourists started their international travels, many countries expect Chinese tourists to visit to boost the economy. According to media statistics, since January, more than 40 countries have announced the relaxation of entry restrictions on Chinese tourists.

Various countries have also resorted to “new tricks” to attract more Chinese tourists by setting up Chinese-language tourism service departments, increasing the number of Chinese-speaking tour guides, and launching roadshow promotion activities in China.

  Australia: Restaurants, hotels, etc. hire Chinese-speaking staff

As an outbound travel destination favored by Chinese tourists, the number of Chinese visitors entering Australia in a single day has been increasing recently.

Since March this year, the Australian Tourism Bureau has launched a marketing campaign in the Chinese market of “Have enough fun, come to Australia” to encourage Chinese tourists to start traveling to Australia. In addition, Tourism Australia has launched an official WeChat mini-program for the first time to better match the social media usage habits of the Chinese market.

Data map: On January 23, 2023 local time, in Sydney, Australia, the Sydney Opera House was lit up in red to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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Phillipa Harrison, director and chief executive officer of Tourism Australia, said that Australia’s tourist attractions are well prepared, and more and more restaurants, hotels, and tourism suppliers have specially hired Chinese-speaking staff, launched Chinese-language web pages and experience manuals, and provided Chinese tourists provide all-round convenience.

Some Australian scenic spots have also launched the latest innovative products to attract Chinese tourists who like “early adopters”. For example, Currumbin Wildlife Park in Queensland launched a special service of having breakfast with koalas, and Sea West, a water experience operator in Western Australia, launched Catch lobsters on a luxury cruise ship and taste Australian special seafood dishes.

  Malaysia: Provide Chinese service at the airport

Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia Teo Khing Sin said recently that the Malaysian tourism department has provided Chinese services at the airport, hoping to facilitate the entry of Chinese tourists into Malaysia.

The demand for travel has increased significantly. During peak periods, Malaysian airports are prone to congestion when entering the country. Zhang Qingxin hopes that relevant departments will take measures to deal with the increasing trend of tourists and improve the efficiency of customs clearance. He also suggested that special passages for the elderly and children could be opened at the airport immigration to improve customs clearance efficiency.

Data map: On February 4, local time, in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, a lion dance performance was held in a local shopping mall during the Spring Festival.

  Thailand: Travel agencies urgently recruit Chinese-speaking tour guides and physiotherapists

Thailand is a popular tourist destination for Chinese tourists. In order to attract more Chinese tourists, many travel agencies are urgently recruiting Chinese-speaking tour guides, and hotels are also actively recruiting physiotherapists to serve Chinese tourists.

The Association of Thai Travel Agents said that Chinese tourists visiting Thailand this quarter were mainly independent tourists, and with the increase in the number of flights between the two countries, the number of Chinese tour groups visiting Thailand is expected to rise in the third quarter.

Data map: The Thailand National Tourism Administration’s “Amazing Thailand New Chapter 2023 China Roadshow” event was held in Chengdu on February 22.

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The association said that in order to better welcome Chinese tourists, some travel agencies have begun to address the lack of manpower by actively recruiting and training Chinese-speaking tour guides.

  Cambodia: Speed ​​up the “China Ready Certification System”

In order to attract and welcome Chinese tourists, the Cambodian government has launched a series of measures. At present, Cambodian officials are accelerating the promotion of the “China Ready Certification System” to promote the preparation of Cambodia’s tourism industry, so as to provide good service and warm hospitality for all visiting Chinese tourists. reception.

In addition, the Cambodian government also facilitates the entry of Chinese tourists at all international border checkpoints in Cambodia, and encourages Chinese tourists to pay in RMB in the form of electronic, digital and cash in Cambodia.

The number of flights between China and Cambodia is also gradually recovering. On February 16, direct flights from Kunming and Shanghai to Siem Reap will resume. The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism stated in mid-February that the number of direct flights between the two countries has gradually increased and has recovered to 30% to 40% of the pre-epidemic level. From March, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Cambodia will continue to increase.

  Saudi Arabia: Chinese tourists who arrive in Saudi Arabia by Saudi Airlines can get a 96-hour transit visa and a free hotel for one night

The roadshow of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Administration was held in Guangzhou on the 17th, with the participation of 13 partners including destination management companies, hotels and airlines. This is also the last stop of the bureau’s first China roadshow in 2023. Previously, roadshows were held in Beijing and Shanghai.

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It is reported that during the roadshow in China, the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority held meetings with more than 100 trade partners and tourism buyers in China to promote leisure tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia and share insights on the latest trends in the MICE tourism industry. Through a series of conferences, events, round table discussions and social gatherings, more than 20 strategic cooperations have been reached.

The Roadshow of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority was held in Guangzhou on March 17.

According to reports, Saudi Arabia has been included in the list of Chinese citizens’ outbound travel destinations (ADS), and China is one of the 49 countries where Saudi Arabia has opened electronic visas. In addition, Chinese tourists who arrive in Saudi Arabia on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight can get a 96-hour transit visa and one night’s free hotel accommodation.

  Serbia: Serbian President extends invitation to Chinese tourists

At the opening ceremony of the 44th Belgrade International Tourism Fair held on February 22, Serbian President Vucic said in a speech: “I invite Chinese tourists to our country.”

It is reported that direct flights have been opened between Serbia and China. Hainan Airlines connects Belgrade and Beijing, and Air Serbia connects Belgrade and Tianjin.

With the orderly recovery of Chinese outbound tourism, Serbian travel agencies and popular tourist attractions are also trying to attract Chinese tourists. Varok, a Chinese-speaking tour guide of Serbia Serbia International Travel Agency, told the reporter that the travel agency will adjust the tour items according to the needs of Chinese tourists.

(Source of manuscript: China Overseas Chinese Network WeChat public account; ID: qiaowangzhongguo; Source: Comprehensive from China News Network, China Overseas Chinese Network, Xinhua News Agency, Overseas Network, etc.; Author: Wu Kan)

[Responsible editor: Liu Yang]

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