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COVID-19: “Brazil has done everything that shouldn’t be done”-BBC News

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  • Orla Guerin
  • BBC reporter from Brasilia

If he is still alive, Josildo de Moura will celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary in December this year. However, the whole-hearted husband and the father of five children contracted COVID-19, panting for breath outside a community clinic in the suburbs of São Paulo, and eventually died. He is 62 years old and, like most Brazilians, was still waiting for vaccinations.

“The pain is endless,” said his wife Cida, who was sitting at the kitchen table, surrounded by children and grandchildren. “Every day we hear that more and more families experience the same pain as ours and lose their loved ones.”

The loss here is staggering. More than 500,000 Brazilians have died of new coronary pneumonia, and the number of deaths ranks second in the world, second only to the United States. Experts here predict that their country is catching up with the United States.

As a middle-income country with a mature vaccination system against diseases (Translator’s Note: Brazil has set up a national immunization program since the 1970s, covering most areas of the country), how did Brazil fall here? For many, the responsibility lies with the country’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro.

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