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Enel X: sustainability, savings and energy independence

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Enel X: sustainability, savings and energy independence

How photovoltaics from balconies and “smart” houses work

An alternative to the impossibility of installing a photovoltaic system on the roof due to lack of space or because the house is located in a condominium, with all the paperwork to follow and authorizations to obtain. But also a true domestic ecosystem. Sustainable and manageable. To save energy, time and money.

Let’s see what Enel X solutions consist of.

Il Photovoltaic kit for balcony

It is a panel that is easy to handle and install, which requires only a balcony with a masonry railing or parapet, an electric plug and a dedicated socket. To produce direct current, then switched to alternating current via a inverter which feeds the energy produced directly into the grid.

There is a positive impact on the bill and it clearly depends on the product, but there are two precautions that can significantly contribute to the result: install the panel on a south-facing balcony and use the appliances that consume the most during the day, when the Photovoltaic energy is produced and fed into the grid.

No special permits are required for the installation, unless there are landscape or architectural constraints. Instead, depending on the case, the “fulfillmentsrequired are:

  • prior communication to the condominium on the installation of a photovoltaic system for the service of one’s apartment;
  • sending the Unified Communication to your local electricity distributor.

Also, to benefit from the fiscal detraction you need:

  • a communication to ENEA;
  • a communication to the Revenue Agency of the option for the contribution in the form of a discount on the invoice, in the event that the Taxpayer chooses this possibility instead of the deduction directly in the tax return.
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Indeed, the photovoltaic panel for the balcony with railing by Enel X Sun Plug & Playfrom 0.34 kWp (kilowatt peak) e guaranteed for 10 years, it’s a convenient solution. Because, if you are eligible, it provides the possibility of deducting the 50% from Irpef in 10 annual installments or to benefit from the discount on the invoice, with a final price halved: €324.50 instead of €649.

The additional package includes installation by qualified technicians at a cost of €115 instead of €230, if you choose the 50% deduction and the contribution in the form of a discount on the invoice, and ainsurance RC valid for 5 years.

The plant includes:

  • a Jolywood photovoltaic module with a power of 340 Wp;
  • a Zucchetti Micro Inverter with integrated monitoring system;
  • the support structure supplied by Enel X and equipped with a bracket for the railing.

Less consumption, less expenses and more sustainability – environmental, economic and social. In two words, energy independence.

The “Smart Home

Four services are offered by Enel X:

  1. Smart appliances that do not pollute or waste.
  2. Solar energy systems, which produce clean energy for home use.
  3. Automation systems, which make the home simple, efficient and safe.
  4. Maintenance and repair services for systems and appliances.

But also voice-activated technology HOMIX: a complete interface, which monitors and manages temperature, lighting and security. Easy to navigate and accessible, it allows users to adjust their systems with a simple tap in the app – even from a distance.

The app not only “governs”, but also acts as a portal to devices and appliances Smart Home. Which, once connected, immediately become also customizable according to your needs, at home or on the go.

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This system takes advantage of energy efficiency by improving its sustainability and allows the user to save in the short but also in the long term. Solutions collected in a single platform user-friendly and designed to offer maximum value.

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