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Everton coach supported Liverpool and tries to end 13-year taboo

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Everton coach supported Liverpool and tries to end 13-year taboo

The Merseyside Derby, a traditional classic between Everton e Liverpoolhas an extra ingredient for the match this Thursday (24), scheduled for 4pm (Brasília time), at Goodison Park, for the mid-week round of the Premier League and with live broadcast on ESPN on Star+.

A taboo of more than 13 years without an Everton victory against Liverpool at home is at stake. The last triumph was on October 17, 2010, so far away that only Seamus Coleman, Irish right-back, still wears the same shirt: 2-0 victory, goals from Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta, now coach of the Arsenal.

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To put an end to this story, which has already lasted 12 visits by the Reds to Goodison Park, Everton is betting on someone who has already admitted to having been a Liverpool fan in the past: Sean Dyche.

After spending more than a decade at the helm of Burnley, the English coach has managed the Toffees since January 2023. He already managed to save the club from relegation last season and everything indicates that he will do it again now. The goal, then, is to end a long drought against a team he used to love.

“I was a kid in the 1970s, so I supported Liverpool,” said Dyche, in an interview with LADBible in September 2022. “My local team was Kettering, who my dad and I used to watch. They were very big among those who didn’t have a league, but I followed Liverpool from afar”.

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And, like every child who loves football, little Sean had an idol who wore the Liverpool shirt: Kenny Dalglish, or “King Kenny” for the most fanatical. As an adult and working as a coach, Dyche had the chance to meet the legend and reacted in a funny way.

“I met him once in a bizarre situation. I’m a grown man, of course, and he treated me like a man from the football world, but in my head I could only think ‘King Kenny, King Kenny’. He would talk to me about Burnley and I already thought that.”

Sean Dyche left his passion for Liverpool in the past when he entered the world of football for good. He never faced his favorite team during his playing days; as a coach, he has only won twice, in 2016 and 2021, both in the Jürgen Klopp era. Now he will try again.

Where to watch Everton vs Liverpool?

Everton x Liverpool will have live broadcast on ESPN on Star+ starting at 16h.

Sean Dyche, técnico do Everton GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images

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