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Final stretch of the Condeduque concert season

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Final stretch of the Condeduque concert season

The concert season CCC Condeduque faces its final stretch, with a special concert by closure the next June 24 con Caterina Barbieri as protagonist. But there are still many level performances ahead that you should not miss.

Madrid’s concert season CCC Condeduque presses the gas in its final stretch with a series of performances that we cannot fail to recommend, located in a wide and varied stylistic palette that will interest very diverse audiences, without ever distancing itself from proposals of proven quality.

On May 11, the Auditorium will host the premiere of the latest production of alvaro romero -of Romeromartin– y Pedro da Linhawhich bears the name Yeli Yeli and that combines from flamenco roots to sounds kuduro Angolans with a very particular personality. It is a co-production between the Bienal Flamenco de Sevilla and the Condeduque Center for Contemporary Culture. He May 26 the protagonists will be The Fickle, which also give flamenco a three hundred and sixty degree turn, immersing it in electronics, critical culture and the sampling of images and sounds. The projects will be presented at CCC Condeduque “Flamenco Is Not A Crime” y “Jaleo Is A Crime”, the latter with a rigorous premiere in Madrid.

Also related to flamenco, Condeduque will host the winners of the Flamenco Laban artistic residence for young talents around flamenco and the figure of maestro Paco de Lucía promoted by the Creative Music Foundation y the Paco de Lucia Foundation. With this, we will be able to see the cantaora in the Auditorium Aroa Fernandez with the pianist Carlos Civantos presenting “The Metals of Maya”; and the bailaor, choreographer and creator Alvaro Murillowith his work “Future Flamenco”, inspired by Vicente Escudero’s male flamenco dance decalogue. The date will be May 18.

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The days May 24 and 25, we can immerse ourselves in a musical and visual experience that does not leave you indifferent. The highly respected instrumental band Tundra will premiere in Condeduque “Ukraine”a project together with the photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Manu Brabo in which music and photography will denounce the nonsense of the current war in Ukraine, drawing inspiration from the coverage of the conflict through Brabo’s lens.

Also note the date of the may 27thin which The girl –Sophie Fustec– will present the unique atmospheres of the acclaimed album “La loba”, a combination of urban sounds with spiritual symbolism and tremendously attractive results. Street and empowered rhythms together with an overwhelming sincerity, tradition and modernity intertwined in a very personal proposal.

And since we are talking about cultures that intertwine, Condeduque will allow us to attend the June 2nd to the premiere in our country of Onipa, a sensational band that combines London electronica with Ghanaian tradition, resulting in an explosive musical sample of what is known as Afrofuturism, with overwhelming rhythm. After Onipa we will find KOG (founder of KOG and Zongo Brigade) and Tom Excell (founder of Nubiyan Twist). Along with his bandmates Finn Booth (Nubiyan Twist) and Wonky Logic (Steam Down). Listen to his recent single “No Commando”, included in his new and latest album “Off The Grid”and it will be impossible for you not to get infected with its torrential danceable spirit.

As for the closure, it will be the June 24 and the musical season of CCC Condeduque will feature none other than the Italian Caterina Barbieri, who will present her immersive audiovisual show “Spirit Exit” for the first time in the capital. The project –with lighting design by MFO and visuals by Ruben Spini– is inspired by female philosophers, poets and mystics such as Saint Teresa of Avila, Rosi Braidotti y Emily Dickinson. The performance is part of the Soundset Series experimental electronic cycle and as a prominent act within the commemorative activities of the European Music Day

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You can review all the activities and concerts, as well as get the tickets, in this same link.

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