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Gas leaks from Nord Stream after “unprecedented” damage. The Kremlin: “It could be sabotage”

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Gas leaks from Nord Stream after “unprecedented” damage.  The Kremlin: “It could be sabotage”

Gas leaks are affecting the Nordstream 1 and 2 gas pipelines: the Danish government makes it known by announcing that it has raised its alert level on energy infrastructures. The Nord Stream gas pipeline has recorded “unprecedented” damage to three lines of the pipeline and “it is impossible at this time to estimate the timing for the resumption of restoration operations” of the infrastructure. This is what Nord Stream communicates in a note, according to Bloomberg reports. Nord Stream reported yesterday of a drop in pressure on two of its lines, with Swedish and Danish authorities having identified gas leaks in the Baltic Sea near the Nord Stream route. The German federal government believes it possible that the Nord Stream gas pipelines have been damaged by attacks.
The Swedish maritime authority also recently issued a warning regarding two leaks on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in Swedish and Danish waters. All this shortly after the discovery of a leak in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. “There are two leaks on Nord Stream 1: one in the Swedish economic zone and one in the Danish economic zone. They are very close to each other, ”a spokesman for the Swedish maritime administration told Reuters. The leaks were located to the northeast of the Danish island of Bornholm, the spokesman said. And the Kremlin does not rule out that the damage to the Nord Stream pipeline may be the result of sabotage. “Now no single option can be ruled out,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, according to Russian news agencies. “We are talking about some destruction of the pipeline, it is not yet clear what kind, in the Danish economic zone, and in fact the pressure has dropped significantly,” Peskov said, adding that “this is a completely unprecedented situation that requires an urgent investigation ‘. “We are extremely concerned by this news,” the spokesman added.
The EU response: there will be no supply problems
Meanwhile, a note from the European Commission arrived, which was informed about the three leaks identified in the Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2 gas pipelines, two in the first and one in the second: “For the moment these leaks have not jeopardized the security of supplies from since gas deliveries on Nordstream 1 have been zero for weeks and Nordstream 2 is not yet authorized to operate, ”said Tim McPhie, spokesman for the European Commission, in the daily press briefing. “We are following the potential impact of the leak of methane, a gas with important effects on climate change and air pollution, and we are in contact with member states on shipping,” added the spokesperson. “It is premature to speculate on the causes,” McPhie said in response to a question about potential pipeline sabotage.

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