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Geolier with the mustache of a “man of consequence” aims to take the stage at Sanremo 2024

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Geolier with the mustache of a “man of consequence” aims to take the stage at Sanremo 2024

We have no doubt that after Sanremo 2024 mustaches will be all the rage thanks to Geolier, or Emanuele Palumbo. The Neapolitan rapper, who sings almost exclusively in dialect, wants to be heard, perhaps this is why he chose this look which underlines the part of the face linked to communication.

In the Neapolitan tradition, in fact, he who wears a mustache is a man who deserves consideration and respect, a “man of consequence”which has the presence, the physicality of the role, the one who has something to say, knows and solves, takes his responsibilities and keeps his commitments. In fact, for his Napoli, Geolier is already a hero, ‘n omme ‘and consequence. He said it himself. «Singing in Neapolitan on that stage is already a victory for me», he continues, «Whether I win or lose, I’ve done what I wanted to do. When I say that I am the first Neapolitan to go with the Neapolitan to Sanremo, it means that I got there on that stage singing only in Neapolitan”, he said in an interview for Vanity Fair. He made his commitment, to represent his city in the most authentic way possible and he did so.

SANREMO, ITALY – FEBRUARY 06: Geolier attends the 74th Sanremo Music Festival 2024 at Teatro Ariston on February 06, 2024 in Sanremo, Italy. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images) Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Even for the writer Emanuelle Carrére this detail represents certainty, solidity, and when the protagonist of the book entitled The Mustache he cuts them to surprise his wife, he enters a nightmare, the world begins to seem strange to him and he is accused of madness, because everyone around him tells him that, in truth, he never had a moustache. Losing his mustache is equivalent to losing his identity.

What does a mustache mean

The mustache gives presence, a certain tone to the personality, it attracts attention. This is what they do. Precisely what Geolier seems to claim by bringing his song into Neapolitan, I p’ me, you p’ you, on the most watched stage in Italy. In an era where aesthetics and slang reign Sea Outside (the cast was invited to the Ariston), where the blue Neapolitan team is still Italian champions and in Sanremo the Campania share is significant, from BigMama to The Kolors and beyond (the prima donna Giovanna Civitillo was born in Vico Equense ), he becomes the spokesperson for a creative and unconventional reality, made in the Neapolitan area and its surroundings, which has important things to say. This is why the rapper. Oilier must be noticed, however remember that it is necessary to cultivate respect even for a finite love, what he sings about in his song, an attitude that still needs to be taught for people to understand that a person does not own himself and that when he wants to leave, he must be left free.

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As a spokesperson, give a strong message, «because true love is peace, not torment», on an aesthetic level Oilier he needs to stress his presence and he does it with that mustache “consequently”, the ones that in the past gave substance and authority to the man, giving him a specific weight.

Mustaches in cinema

In the cinematic world, however, the mustache is often considered a detail of the male face that releases sexuality to the nth degree, they are the most erotic accessory there can be in a man’s beauty scene. It is no coincidence that in the United States we talk about pornstacheironically, when referring to facial hair above the upper lip to indicate a style that exudes virility.

The porn mustache is actually a specific look that became popular between the 70s and 80s among adult film actors. These are thick-looking mustaches that often cover the entire area between the nose and upper lip, just like the actor who made them famous, Harry Reems, the first porn star and protagonist of the iconic film, had them Deep Throat, insime a Linda Lovelace.

Geolier’s mustache style inspiration

This is certainly not the look that identifies Geolier, the rapper, rather he surprisingly seems to have another reference, distantly reminiscent, due to his moustache, of another star who has been driving women crazy for several decades. You have understood? Oh yes, the Secondigliano singer’s mustache seems like a quote from our old friend Brad.

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