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Goma: Between lies and realities, the cry of a people | The librarian

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Goma: Between lies and realities, the cry of a people |  The librarian

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In the dusty streets of Goma, the tension is palpable, like a heavy blanket of lead weighing down each resident. Whispers of fear mix with circulating rumors, creating a toxic cocktail of anxiety and uncertainty.

My friend, whose identity remains discreet as a precaution, shared his troubled thoughts with me, denouncing the lies propagated by the authorities. “ The city of Goma has already fallen. No food from Masisi and Rutshuru. »

Goma or the smell of desolation?

Essential roads are cut, isolating Goma from the rest of the country, depriving its inhabitants of vital food supplies. The authorities, far from acting with determination, seem to get lost in an empty discourse of empty promiseswhile the people prepare for the worst, remembering the dark days when they were abandoned to their fate.

The painful history of Goma is repeating itself, with authorities who may well repeat the desperate act of fleeing to safer havens, leaving behind those they are supposed to protect. “ They had all taken rapid cannons and fled towards Bukavu…”, added my friend.

My friend’s words resonate in my mind, revealing the depth of pain and frustration in the hearts of the people of Goma. Armed drones and the fighter planes that fly over the region, the state of siege which seems powerless to contain the threat, all these are only elements of a macabre picture of chaos and despair.

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My friend continues: “ The Bunagana border between the DRC and Uganda and managed by the M23. Rebels decide what enters and leaves the DRC. » The presence of the M23, a rebel movement said to be supported by neighboring Rwanda, with its growing control over strategic areas such as Bunagana on the border with Uganda, adds an extra layer of anxiety to an already desperate situation.

Goma: There is hope

In the tired eyes of my fellow citizens, I see fear and resignation, but also a glimmer of determination. They refuse to be dragged into the abyss of desolation without a fight. Despite the pain and suffering, hope persists, fragile but tenacious, like a flickering flame in the storm.

As Goma trembles on the razor’s edge, we pray that our authorities finally wake up from their lethargy, that peace returns and that our city can finally experience some semblance of normality. But until that blessed day, we remain vigilant, ready to face the future with courage and determination, even in the midst of the darkness that threatens to engulf us. Hope remains in God.

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