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“Harmony with the post-fascist era”, “Meloni saves himself from gloating about Scholz’s problems”: the bilateral agreement seen by the German media

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“Harmony with the post-fascist era”, “Meloni saves himself from gloating about Scholz’s problems”: the bilateral agreement seen by the German media

In Italia il centre-right celebrated the pact between the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the chancellor Olaf Scholz as the confirmation of international credibility of the prime minister. And in Germany, how did the media report the Berlin meeting? On the eve of the South German newspaper (progressive) anticipated the appointment under the title “In-depth collaboration”: the author of the article Marc Baise he underlines with subtle malice how the agreement does not have a bombastic title like “Berlin contract” o “Treaty of friendship“and not even the need (and strength) of Parliamentary approval, but rather just a rubber band”Action plan”. With another jab he underlines that Meloni does not have the “big troublemakerMatteo Salvini which could have reignited the controversy over German support for NGOs in the Mediterranean. However, the newspaper does not fail to underline the good understanding between Scholz and Meloni, which can also be seen in their participation side by side in the G20 telematic with Vladimir Putin. After the summit the online edition of the newspaper summarized the summit with a “clickbait” headline Harmonious encounter with the post-fascistwith a buttonhole that reads: “Olaf Scholz and Giorgia Meloni get along surprisingly well.” Paul Anton Kruger in his piece he underlines that the idea of ​​close collaboration between the two countries had already been announced at the beginning of last year at Villa Madama by the then minister Luigi Di Maio during a meeting with his counterpart Annalena Baerbock but it remained a dead letter and now Giorgia Meloni has brought six ministers to Berlin for the first bilateral government consultations since 2016. On the concrete contents, Krüger highlights the agreement to import up to 10 million tons of hydrogen fromAfrica by 2030 and sign a solidarity agreement on gas but also collaboration in the development of a composite system for land combat, while the Franco-German project Main Ground Combat System (to replace some series of tanks) is delayed due to differences in ideas between Berlin e Paris. And again yesterday Baise noted how the “action plan” is actually a “roadmap” that could develop more than the “Quirinale Contract” with France (signed by the Draghi government) and praises: “Finally something practical”. Baise finds what is indicated on immigration insufficient, but does not rule out it being filled in the six-monthly consultations and in closer coordination in the European pact on emigration.

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For his part the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an article online for subscribers headlines Meloni spares himself the gloating which underlines the fact that “aware of the habitual warnings from Berlin” the Italian prime minister could have “gloat” of the budget problems of the guest, but “did not show it”. Yesterday she returned to the meeting by summarizing “A lot of Italy in Berlin”: she underlines that despite the ideological differences Scholz and Meloni understand each other for the pragmatism of the Italian Prime Minister. Scholz is not even against the Italian agreement with Albania, even if Meloni had to admit in the press conference that it is still a framework agreement “to be grounded”. However, if Meloni spoke of a “turning point in our relations”, Scholz was more cautious so as not to raise suspicions in France. Berlin will in fact collaborate more closely with Rome in armament projects and also in the creation of the “south central hydrogen corridor” which in the plans will also connect Austria and Switzerland. The newspaper of more conservative line with this he concludes that Meloni “comes back stronger from Berlin.”

Per The time Meloni downplays the novelty of the pact by noting that it was put in place with Draghi in December 2021 and also gives space to criticism of Janine Wissler (Linke) for the “dangerous normalization e courtship of Meloni and his right-wing government”. The Daily Mirror just throws a dry note from the main news agency online Dpa. It does almost the same thing The mirror putting future annual meetings between industry ministers and banking associations as the first point. There Ard – the main public TV channel – instead gives more space to the agreement, highlighting that for the Italian media it is inspired by the “Aachen Contract” that Germany signed with France, but which it’s not comparablealthough for the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce in 2022 Germany is the most important commercial partner. The Hamburg editorial team highlights the relaunch of the agreement on the participation of Lufthansa in Ita and Meloni’s declaration that he wants to ask the Commission to speed up the green light.

They are The world Virginia Coffin in italics When Olaf Scholz talks about “dear Giorgia” underlines the friendly tones. In the press conference Scholz declared “dear Giorgia: the range of our common topics is wide and the coordination is always close and confident” and Meloni duetted that the chancellor “is a reliable partner” with whom “things are going well because we speak to each other clearly”.

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