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Hejdi Flajiš accusations of prostitution | Entertainment

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Hejdi Flajiš accusations of prostitution |  Entertainment

She was a famous madam, all the famous powerful people from the world of entertainment, sports and politics knew her very well, and she knew them even better, or rather their fetishes, which they skillfully hid from the public.

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Come on Flajiš (57) in the early 1990s, she was on the front pages of the world‘s media when it was discovered that she was running a very lucrative prostitution business, and at the mention of her name and today some of the world‘s most famous stars die of fear. In her time, she was the most popular in that business, but today she leads a completely different life, and many are interested in what happened to her mysterious “guchi” diary.

During her time as a famous madam, Heidi was a hot brunette, perfectly groomed and dressed, wearing custom-made mini skirts and high heels. She was like that in the courtroom, when the jury said she was guilty of three counts of inducing prostitution. Two were dropped, like the one about taking cocaine. Today she looks completely different – she doesn’t even have a haircut, and there is no trace of her voice in her custom-made clothes. However, in the short video, it can be seen that she is wearing a blue T-shirt with the logo of a legal brothel in Nevada founded by her ex-boyfriend, Denis Hof, who died in 2018.

She managed to avoid prison in 2008, when she was arrested for “driving under the influence of intoxicants”. She was undergoing treatment, and she definitely stopped drinking when her ex-boyfriend Tom Sizemore, whom she reported for domestic violence during their relationship, died this year. In Nevada, she wanted to open a legal brothel, which is allowed there, but she gave up. In one of the rare interviews, she stated that she no longer feels like dealing with nonsense that goes “hand in hand” with the sex industry.

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In her glory days, the famous madam ran a chain of 500 prostitutes. She claimed that they bring her $300,000 a week. In the interview, she revealed that she became a business escort at the age of 22, after meeting Madam Aleks, and just three years later she became the boss herself. She created her circle of “best girls” from whom she took 40 percent of the earnings, and they charged about $1,500 a night for their services.

In her famous “guči” diary with red coverswhich everyone was talking about when the story broke about famous people visiting prostitutes, the names of famous clients were allegedly written on 28 pages. The only one known for sure to have been on the list is actor Charlie Sheen. He, it was said, spent $53,000 on the services of her girlfriends. No one has yet dared to write about other names of directors, actors, singers due to fear of a lawsuit.

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BECAUSE OF THE FAMOUS MADAME, THE POWERFUL IN ALL AREAS SHAKE: Rokovnik reveals all the secrets – Who visited her brothel?!

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She was arrested in 1993 and given three years in prison, but the sentence was overturned after an appeal by her lawyer. However, she ended up in prison, not for prostitution, but for not paying taxes. Since then, he has lived in Pahrump and helped the birds.

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On the profiles on social networks as well as on the official website of Heidi Fleisch, today it is written that she is a “Hollywood madam in panties and a protector of parrots”. For 20 years, she has lived in her house worth around one million dolars, where she shares the space with 23 large colorful parrots. Her birds are of exotic origin, some of them are protected species, and because of them she is ready for anything, and she calls her home – a house for birds.

The former madam, through whose hands millions of dollars passed, served her time in prison, that’s why her birds do not live “behind the bars”, but flutter freely around the house, which she has remodeled so that they feel comfortable in it. That’s why she has tiles instead of carpet, because it’s easier to maintain hygiene, and all over the house there are branches and obstacles where the birds, which she mostly rescued, can land on.

There is a long dusty road leading to the property itself, with no trespassing warnings, and the birds are like an alarm that goes off before guests, invited or uninvited, come near – “It’s all for them. It’s a birdhouse. It took me a long time to make it. It’s called ‘learning on the fly’,” Heidi says in a video for “DailyMail”. She also planted plants all over the property, she regularly communicates with her feathered pets, but life is not a song even in this bird’s paradise.

After someone shot her bird with a shotgun in 2022, which luckily survived, she decided to move, but still decided that her birds were better off staying where they were. She is no longer interested in money except, of course, when it comes to the birds that destroyed even her “Bentley”. She paid 50,000 dollars for some of them.

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