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“High Card”: the 007 of playing cards.

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“High Card”: the 007 of playing cards.

Action, twists, chases, humor and a pinch of eroticism, all of this is “High Card”, an anime broadcast on Prime Video that presents a rather compelling script, based on some clichés that serve as a starting point for a story that conveys adrenaline in the spectator.

In the kingdom of Fourland there are playing cards, the classic forty scale ones, which give those who possess them particular powers. It is the same cards that choose the owner, these chosen ones are called Players. Each Player can only use the power of one card, otherwise they put their life at risk.

The cards were stolen and spread across the Kingdom between the Regions of Spada, Lozenge, Silphium and Polostick. His Majesty Julius Fourland ordered them to be found and in the capital of Spada, Shield, in the historic and elegant Old Maid Street, there is the headquarters of the lisso car showroom “Old Maid of Pinochle Automobiless” which acts as a cover for the secret group “High Card”, in which the young and orphan Finn Oldman joins in possession of the card of two of spades, with which he manages to give life to a revolver in one hand and the bullets in the other hand, who finds himself involved in the battle for the X-Playing cards with the rival group the Klondike Family….

The strong point of this title is the couple that forms between Finn and his mentor Chris Redgrave, a womanizer who is in possession of the five of hearts card, which gives him the ability to immediately heal his wounds.

A well-structured dynamic work, where nothing is left to chance, in which the spectator has fun and remains involved in a setting that recalls London in a fantasy context, without going too far, it could be compared to a 007 film from the 1920s. 70, with a touch of modernity and fantasy. A spy story with bright and psychedelic colors that make it very linked to the agent of His Majesty of England, demonstrated by the sports car chases, an element widely used in spy films of the period.

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The ending of the first season leaves the doors open for a second… so much so that the wording is shown at the end of the theme song.

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