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HKSAR Government Seeks Public Input for 2023 Policy Address through Public Consultation

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HKSAR Government Launches Public Consultation on 2023 Policy Address

Hong Kong, July 31 – The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Li Jiachao, will be delivering the 2023 Policy Address on October 25 this year. In preparation for this, the SAR government has launched a public consultation on the Policy Address on the 31st.

Li Jiachao expressed that over the past year, he and his team have faced the epidemic together with the people of Hong Kong. As they look towards the future, they have been actively listening to the voices of the citizens and implementing measures to improve governance, enhance development momentum, alleviate the hardships faced by individuals, and unite the strength of society. They aim to build Hong Kong together with everyone. In the coming days, Li Jiachao and his team will continue to work pragmatically, seamlessly integrate into the overall development of the country, and maximize Hong Kong’s unique advantages of being supported by the motherland and globally connected. They strive to seek greater development opportunities for Hong Kong and enable citizens to live happier lives.

To ensure inclusiveness and gather diverse perspectives, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government will be organizing over 30 consultation sessions. These sessions will provide opportunities for members of the Legislative Council, representatives from different sectors, and citizens to share their opinions and suggestions regarding the policy address. Additionally, Li Jiachao and his governance team will venture into the community, visiting citizens and representatives from all walks of life to collect opinions in various ways.

The public consultation on the 2023 Policy Address signifies the HKSAR government’s commitment to governance transparency and public participation. It is an opportunity for citizens to play an active role in shaping Hong Kong’s future policies and development directions.

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