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Honda VEZEL new TV commercial to be released from Thursday, April 25, 2024 / The CM song will be a new song written by Yoshiki Tsutaya, Project KERENMI’s first commercial | Press release from Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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Honda VEZEL new TV commercial to be released from Thursday, April 25, 2024 / The CM song will be a new song written by Yoshiki Tsutaya, Project KERENMI’s first commercial | Press release from Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

The VEZEL, which will undergo a minor model change, is based on the grand concept of “EXPAND YOUR LIFE,” with interior and exterior design refined to “sophistication and beauty,” improved comfort, and an evolution in driving pleasure. It continues to evolve as a compact SUV. Additionally, as a new lineup, we have added the HuNT package, which has an outdoor flavor.

This commercial focuses on the words “Let’s go for a drive.” It captures the emotional subtlety of inviting a loved one out for a drive. Throughout the entire film, we aimed for a tone that felt like a scene from a movie. Everything is an attempt to add new emotion to the universal and everyday act of “driving.”

The lead role is actor Shizukawa Ishibashi. The music is provided by Kojiro Tsutaya’s project “KERENMI”. Featuring Moto (Chilli Beans.) and Who-ya Extended as vocalists, it is an emotional song with a fast-paced feel. *For newly written songs, see artist comments below.

The commercial starts with a night scene. Mr. Ishibashi makes a phone call and invites someone for a drive. One of the highlights of this commercial is his emotional acting, from the moment he finally talks to someone he hasn’t seen in a while, until he takes the plunge and invites them for a drive. The two then head out for a drive. He seems to run wherever his heart takes him without deciding on a particular destination. A small but warm scenery along the way. Through the drive, the story depicts how a depressed heart becomes brighter.

During the shooting period, there were sunny days and rainy days. At the beginning of the shoot, we had planned to shoot the entire schedule on sunny days, but there was a telephone scene in the rain, a meeting in a cloudy day, and a sunny drive scene. As a result, even the weather changed so that it became linked to the feelings of the main character played by Shizukawa Ishibashi in this commercial.


VEZEL “Let’s drive” version (15 seconds / 30 seconds / 120 seconds)

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■Broadcast start date:

April 25, 2024 (Wood)

■Broadcast area:



 https://youtu.be/SwA3x2h1Hm0(30 seconds)

 review/(Long version/120 seconds)

*The long version of the web version allows you to experience the worldview of the TV commercial even more.

■HP (vehicle information):


In line with this minor change in VEZEL, we asked KERENMI to write a new song for the commercial.

This is KERENMI’s first commercial tie-up song, and the song is scheduled to be released on May 6, 2024 (holiday/Monday).


Title: Sekai feat. Moto from Chilli Beans. & Who-ya Extended

Release date: May 6, 2024 (holiday/Monday)

Label: ASAB

[KERENMI comment]

All of VEZEL’s past commercial songs are masterpieces that will remain in pop history, and I feel honored to be able to participate in them as KERENMI. I have great gratitude and respect for Moto-san and Who-ya-kun, who gave such a great performance in such a limited time. I believe that each person has their own world, and there are both negative and positive ones. I would be happy if this song gives you an opportunity to step out of your daily life and go out into the outside world, go for a drive and jump into an unknown world.

[Moto Comment]

This time I participated in KERENMI’s “Sekai” feat.!

This song makes me look at my current situation, feel various things, and feel that life is a daily thing.

I thought it was a song that made me feel real! When I listened to it on the way home, it was positive and I felt the same way.

I felt like I was being told something. I hope it reaches everyone like that!

[Who-ya Extended Comment]

This is Who-ya from Who-ya Extended, who participated as a vocalist.

I’ve been listening to KERENMI’s project since it first started as a listener, and I’m happy to be able to put my own songs on top of Tsutaya-san’s rich sound, but I still have a strange feeling about it.

It was the first time for me to be involved in a work in this way, but Tsutaya’s music and Moto’s singing voice are all different charms from our own, and when they come together, we have created something wonderful. .

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I want to take a step forward and see unknown scenery in a place a little further away than usual. This is such a song.

I’m looking forward to seeing this song add new color to the “world” of everyone who listens to it!

(Shizuka Ishibashi)PROFILE>

Born in 1994 in Tokyo. Her first starring role in 2017, “The Night Sky is Always the Deepest Blue” won numerous film awards for Best Newcomer. In 2020, she became a hot topic for her role as Rika Akana in the drama “Tokyo Love Story”. She has also appeared in the movies “Your Bird Sings”, “That Girl Is a Noble”, “Ex-Convict”, the taiga drama “13 People of Kamakura-dono”, the NHK Saturday drama “Detective Romance”, and TV Asahi’s “Knockin’ on the Locked Door”. Appearance. She will play the main character, Riki Oishi, in the NHK drama 10 “Swallow does not come back” starting in April 2024.

<Ishibashi ShizukaSNS>





KERENMI, the pseudonym project of Tsutaya Yoshisho

Gairenmi (Kerenmi): Surprising, eccentric, bluff, classy

This track was created by music producer Kojiro Tsutaya, who provides and produces music for many artists such as YUKI, Yuzu, Elephant Kashimashi, Kenshi Yonezu, back number, and Official Hige Dandism, as well as works on a wide range of movies and commercial music. A pseudonym project that strongly emphasizes his side as a maker.


・Official Website:





<Chilli Beans. PROFILE>

A 3-piece band formed in 2019 by Moto (Vo), Maika (Ba&Vo), and Lily (Gt&Vo). A neo-garage style with an attractive vocal sense and melody that is a fusion of rock and next-generation sounds that will stay in your ear once you hear it. “Lemonade,” released in August 2021, ranked first on Spotify’s “Viral Top 50 (Japan)” daily, and “rose feat. Vaundy,” released in January 2023, ranked twice on Billboard JAPAN’s “Heatseekers Songs.” It reached number 1 and gained recognition among a wide range of generations, mainly on SNS! She is active with her outstanding songwriting sense and skillful chorus work, as well as her live performance that allows everyone to enjoy together as one.

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2nd full album “Welcome to My Castle” will be released on December 13, 2023. The song “I like you” was selected as the theme song for the new drama “Don’t Spend Time, Lovers” on Kantele/Fuji TV’s Tuesday 11pm drama slot “Hidora★Eleven.” Her first solo performance at Nippon Budokan will be held on February 3, 2024.

“Chilli Beans. “Welcome to My Castle” at Budokan” was held and ended with great success and was completely sold out. “Chilli Beans. Live House Tour 2024” will be held from June 2024, and “Chilli Beans.Hall Tour 2024” will be held from October.

<Chilli Beans. SNS>







・Club Beans.:feature/entry

<Who-ya Extended PROFILE>

A creators unit centered around vocalist Who-ya.

In October 2019, he was selected as the opening theme for the TV anime “PSYCHO-PASS 3”, and one month later, he made his major debut with the song “Q-vism”. The song made her spectacular debut, reaching number one on Japan’s iTunes general chart and Amazon digital chart. In January 2021, “VIVID VICE” was announced as the opening theme for the TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen.” The song topped the Oricon Daily Digital Chart in the week of its release, and has been streamed more than 60 million times. Vocalist Who-ya will appear on Netflix’s “Don’t be fooled by Ookami-chan”, which aired from June 2023, and will also appear at major domestic festivals such as “SUMMER SONIC”, “Animelo Summer Live”, and “LisuAni! LIVE”. In addition, they have appeared in many festivals and events overseas, expanding the range of their activities.

<Who-ya Extended SNS>






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