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[Hong Kong News]The scene of Jiang Zemin’s death news was the most impressive; 52 Hong Kong people’s groups supported the “white paper revolution”; shouted for Jimmy Lai | Jiang Zemin | Angrily rebuked Hong Kong reporters | ATV | Statement | Humane China | Hong Kong People’s Night | Jimmy Lai | Zhou Fengsuo |

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[Voice of Hope November 30, 2022](comprehensive report by our reporter Zheng Xin)

Hong Kong people are most impressed by the news of the death of former party leader Jiang Zemin

The Xinhua News Agency of the Communist Party of China announced on November 30 that the former President of the Communist Party of China, Jiang Zemin, died of leukemia and multiple organ failure on the 30th at the age of 96.

Jiang Zemin visited Hong Kong four times before his death. For Hong Kong citizens, the most impressive thing is that he once angrily scolded Hong Kong reporters in Beijing in 2000, “Too simple! Sometimes naive!” (too simple, sometimes naive).

The incident took place on October 27, 2000. Jiang Zemin met Tung Chee-hwa, the then chief executive of Hong Kong, in Zhongnanhai. At that time, Tung Chee-hwa, the first term of office of Tung, was about to expire, and rumors of his re-election were rampant.

Hong Kong journalists who followed Tung Chee-hwa to Beijing asked Jiang Zemin whether he supported Tung Chee-hwa’s re-election, and the other party responded “Yes” in Cantonese. However, when Zhang Baohua, a cable TV reporter present, asked whether the CCP had “appointed” Tung Chee-hwa as chief executive, Jiang Zemin immediately “changed his face” and approached the press booth and reprimanded him loudly: “You journalists should learn from it. I have experienced many battles… the media You must also improve your knowledge level, you can run faster than Western reporters, but ask questions, too simple! Sometimes naive!”

The incident once became the focus of news in Hong Kong, and it is still talked about from time to time.

In addition, since Jiang Zemin resigned from office in 2004, his health has been the focus of the outside world. News of his critical illness and even his death has been repeatedly reported. Among them, ATV’s false report of his death was the most sensational.

In 2011, Jiang Zemin’s absence from the CCP’s 90th anniversary party celebration sparked speculation that he was critically ill. On July 6 of the same year, ATV reported Jiang Zemin’s death from liver tumors on Hong Kong and Taiwan’s “Six O’clock News“, which immediately became the focus of public opinion at home and abroad. However, Xinhua News Agency issued an article at noon the next day stating that the news of Jiang Zemin’s death was purely a rumor. ATV immediately withdrew the report and issued a statement to apologize.

When the “white paper revolution” broke out in the mainland, the CCP officially announced the death of Jiang Zemin, which aroused heated discussions among Hong Kong people.

Some netizens said, “Because of the closure of the city, the organ harvesting was cleared, so the rescue was lost.”, “We will spend alcohol and drink tonight.”

Another netizen pointed out, “Wu Yifan will step out of Jiang Zemin if it doesn’t work, it’s a great way to divert attention!”

Lawyer Sang Pu, a senior current affairs commentator, told this station that Jiang Zemin was extremely corrupt during his lifetime. The Shanghai gang he surrounded did many evils and played a very corrupt role in the entire Chinese politics. During Jiang Zemin’s administration, there were also numerous violations of human rights, “the suppression of Falun Gong is one of them.”

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Combined with the recent “white paper revolution” in mainland China that has aroused global attention and solidarity, Samp said, “I believe that Jiang Zemin left this world with lingering fears, because a lot of dissatisfaction with the Communist Party has surfaced.”

The fire tragedy in Urumqi, Xinjiang ignited China‘s largest civil protest since June 4th. People took to the streets with blank papers in their hands to protest the CCP’s three-year inhumane blockade policy. The ongoing ferment of the protests has attracted the attention of the outside world and has been described as a “blank paper revolution”. On the 29th, 52 Hong Kong people’s groups from all over the world issued a joint statement in Chinese and English, expressing solidarity with the Chinese protesters and calling on all walks of life to unite and oppose the CCP’s tyranny.

The statement stated: “As Hong Kong people, we stand with our friends who are fighting for freedom and justice from the CCP. We understand the courage and sacrifice required to face the CCP, and we will do our best to support our friends.”

The statement stated, “From the fire in Urumqi to the forced labor at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, the CCP’s arbitrary and unreasonable anti-epidemic measures have caused many victims. The problems of the leaders and the system have been exposed, and demonstrations have followed everywhere under the CCP’s rule. spread.”

The statement continued, “Since the Sitong Bridge incident, the voice for change has never been clearer,” emphasizing that “at this moment, cross-border solidarity is more important than ever, and we should all be united.”

The statement concluded, “In 2019, Hong Kong people took to the streets with the motto of ‘Be Water’ (Be Water). Today, when millions of people from all over the world unite to form a river, courage and faith will surely be greater. echo.”

The 52 Hong Kong people’s groups that signed the statement include: Hong Kong Student Advocacy Group At NYU, Hong Kong Watch, Hong Kong Social Action Movements In Boston , Chicago Solidarity With Hong Kong, Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles, Hong Kong Professional Network, Alliance Canada Hong Kong, Australia Capital Hong Kong Association (Austria Capital Hong Kong Association), Germany Stands With Hong Kong and so on.

Humane China, a non-profit organization concerned with Chinese politics, held a “Hong Kong People’s Night” in Taipei on the 30th to support Jimmy Lai, the founder of Apple Daily in Hong Kong.

According to a report from the Central News Agency, “Humanitarian China” held a screening and discussion event on the 30th at Zuozhuan Youshu in Taipei.

Zhou Fengsuo, chairman of Humane China, said, “We are here today because of Hong Kong people, because of Jimmy Lai, and because of freedom.” As a person of faith, “we deserve to know him, pay attention to him, and cry out for his freedom.”

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Zhou Fengsuo said that the fate of the June 4th generation is closely related to Hong Kong. When the Tiananmen incident happened, many Hong Kong people stood up to express their support. The Hong Kong Apple Daily also conducted a series of reports on the June 4th incident.

He recalled that during the outbreak of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong in 2014, he saw with his own eyes that in a very difficult confrontation, Jimmy Lai was willing to stand with ordinary people every day to face the same blow, and was deeply moved.

Today’s event featured a screening of the film “The Hong Konger”. The film introduces Jimmy Lai’s journey when he first came to Hong Kong, founded a media in Hong Kong, became a Hong Kong citizen and fought for Hong Kong.

Lin Baohua, a senior political and economic commentator who met Jimmy Lai in the 1990s, said that someone once asked him, “Is Jimmy Lai a businessman or a fighter for democracy?” Chi Young is a fighter for democracy.

Xiao Yimin, director of the Office of the Civil Justice Reform Foundation, said that the most important thing in Li Zhiying’s series of lawsuits is “detention without trial”, starting with minor crimes and then all sentences. It was originally the method in mainland China, but now it is practiced in Hong Kong. , representing the fall of the rule of law in Hong Kong.

Former Hong Kong Apple special correspondent Xin Yu said that Hong Kong Apple has always been willing to pursue the truth. During its work for Hong Kong Apple, it has never received special instructions and directions, and will not be deleted. disappear.

Jimmy Lai and six senior executives of Hong Kong and Ping An were arrested for violating the Hong Kong National Security Law. They have been detained for more than a year so far. The case is scheduled to start trial on December 1. However, because Jimmy Lai hired a British barrister to defend him, the Hong Kong government appealed to the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China for an interpretation after the Department of Justice lost three lawsuits.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the Department of Justice plans to apply to postpone the trial for 7 days, pending the interpretation of the National People’s Congress. Li Zhiying’s lawyer said that it is expected that the case will still be held tomorrow to discuss the postponement.

Lo Kin-hee, Chairman of the Democratic Party Besieged by PolyU, was acquitted of “illegal assembly”

In November 2019, the police surrounded PolyU, and a large number of citizens gathered in Tsim Sha Tsui. Democratic Party Chairman Luo Jianxi and 10 people were charged with “illegal assembly” and other crimes. Five of them pleaded guilty before trial, while the remaining five, including Luo Jianxi, denied all charges. The case was decided in the District Court on Wednesday (30th).

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Judge Lian Jinhong ruled that Luo Jianxi was not guilty of the charges. The remaining four defendants in the same case, three of them were convicted of “illegal assembly” and one of “possession of offensive weapons”.

The case was adjourned until December 21 for sentencing, during which the four defendants had to be remanded.

When Luo Jianxi was interviewed outside the court after the court ended, he thanked the lawyer team for their help over the past three years, and also thanked party members and friends for their support.

He said that no matter what, they will continue to do their job well, do their best, and continue to speak out for the people of Hong Kong.

Law Kin-hee also said that being acquitted now has “less worries”, and he believes that he can work harder to do a good job and live up to the Hong Kong people’s support for the Democratic Party over the years.

“Bear Cake” Sentenced to 6 Years in Severe Jail

During the anti-extradition law (anti-extradition) movement in November 2019, the 21-year-old student Zhou Baijun (known as “Xiongzibing”) was shot in the abdomen by the Hong Kong police with a live ammunition gun, and another male student was charged with obstructing office work and attempting to rob, etc. 3 crimes, and was convicted of all charges earlier. The case was sentenced in the District Court on the 30th.

Judge Xie Shenzhi said that the two blatantly challenged the power of the police, and the defendant’s injuries were at his own fault. The sentence will not be reduced and the two will be sentenced to 6 years in prison.

“Xiong Cake” with short hair waved and smiled to his relatives and friends before the court session. Some observers said “Hold on! Take care!” Zhou shouted when he was taken away: “Help me see my mother!”

On November 11, 2019, Hong Kong people launched the “Three Strikes of All People”. Zhou Baijun was shot in the abdomen by the Hong Kong police in Sai Wan Ho, causing the right kidney and the right side of the liver to be cut by bullet fragments, and the hepatic portal vein was crushed. stop jumping. Later, Zhou and another student, Hu Zijian, were accused of deliberately obstructing police officers who were performing their duties and attempting to snatch police guns; Zhou Bojun was also charged with attempting to escape from police custody on the same day and at the same place.

Zhou Bojun said earlier that although the injured body can slowly recover, the haze of the shooting has become an indelible memory. He said frankly that the young generation in Hong Kong is the chosen generation, who have risked their future and their lives to fight for the democracy and freedom they should have.

Editor in charge: Lin Li

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