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I would like to buy Velež Zrinjski krunoslav Rendulić | Sport

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I would like to buy Velež Zrinjski krunoslav Rendulić |  Sport

Krunoslav Rendulić had an extensive presentation after the BiH Cup final.

Source: Sport1/Oslobođenje/Sanel Konjhodžić

Zrinjski won the double crown for the first time in the club’s history.

In tonight’s final of the BiH Cup, played in Zenica, Krunoslav Rendulić’s players triumphed over Velež with a score of 0:1, thus adding the second most important trophy in the country to the um:tel Premier League BiH trophy, which they won for the first time since 2008.

I think we deserved to win, we were in control from the beginning of the game. We dominated the first half through possession, through quality. In the second half, after conceding a goal, Velež had a slight initiative, but we didn’t give them anything except for a couple of shots from outside. All in all, our deserved victory. I am glad that we were the first in the history of the club to win the double crown, that will be recorded, the rest will not matter. The boys deserved it with their work, quality, attitude, dedication, diligence in every training, sacrifice and I am glad that this generation is the first in the history of the club to win the double crown“, Zrinjsko’s coach Krunoslav Rendulić told TV Arena Sport, who pointed out that he expected a tough match, as we saw.

You can’t even expect anything else when everything fits into one game, to provide an extra quality game. Simply, the importance of the match held back both players. However, we knew that we were better, we knew that we were better, this is suggested by the table which says that we have 30 points more. We knew, however, that anything is possible in one game, so I congratulate the players on a phenomenal season.

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Zrinjski “walked” to the trophy in the BiH Cup – in seven games he scored 21 goals and conceded one goal.

We played the Cup really impressively. We were the best against Tuzla City in the semi-finals. We shouldn’t forget the previous coaching staff either, now I’m going to make a little joke with them, they won 15 percent of the trophies (laughs). We are glad that we went through the Cup and the Championship so sovereignly. The story is not over yet, we have two more rounds, we will play it as much as we can for the regularity of the championship, above all I mean the fight for survival. Now we’re going on a well-deserved vacation, it won’t be long, just two weeks, but what’s there is.

Speaking of the regularity he mentioned…

People in this area are prone to conspiracy theories and always think that there will be something dishonest on the other side. Simply, this club does not function that way, the players and coaching staff do not function that way. We only look at ourselves from game to game, we have our own problems and we don’t need other people’s.

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For the people of Mostar, the break, Rendulić repeated, will be short.

We will see, we will spare some players for the last round, the first one who will be spared is Nemanja Bilbi, considering that the national team gathering is soon, in the sixth month, so we can extend his rest a little. We will see after the game if we have problems with injuries, we will possibly spare Jakovljevic because he carried the load throughout the season. Likewise, Barišić and some other players, we won’t rest a lot of players now, but two or three for sure. We have good players on the bench, some even in the stands who deserve to be in the team of 20 players. Coaching is like that, it’s never easy for me to put someone on the bench, let alone in the stands“, said Rendulić, who adds that the feeling after winning the double crown is phenomenal.

You can’t even feel differently when you take the title so sovereignly. The point difference was small at halftime, but it was there. In the end, it is many times higher, we have even 20 points more than Borc. Given that, we have a couple of players on loan, Ćuže, Ilinković and Sučić, first we need to resolve their status, there will be arrivals and departures. The club will not rest for those 15 days during the break, it is not resting, we are putting together the staff for next year and we hope to put together a good team and be competitive in Europe. Our next goal is to reach the group stage in Europe. We achieved two goals, the third was close, on the threshold, but I hope that we will succeed this year and that we will finally see the group stage“, concluded the “noble” strategist, who has an impressive performance – he led the team to 19 games and recorded 18 victories, with only one defeat.

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