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iPhone 14 has made great contributions!Apple’s SOS feature helped save two people

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Earlier, Apple officially launched the satellite emergency SOS function,It is designed to allow iPhone 14 users to use a satellite connection to contact emergency services when there is no signal or Wi-Fi connection.Recently, mobile phone China noticed that the satellite distress system of the iPhone 14 has once again proved to be beneficial, and it recently helped rescue two Canadian women.

The two women were reportedly lost near a small village called McBride. Unfortunately, when they were trying to find their way back, they got into a car accident and were stranded in an area with no cell phone coverage.

They then traveled about 20 kilometers along the road before the car got stuck. Luckily though, one of the women had an iPhone 14 and wanted to use the new SOS signal via the satellite function. With the iPhone 14, they can send a message and their location to an Apple call center.

It is reported that the “911 North” call center in Canada was contacted from the Apple call center, which then activated the emergency services call. Rescue teams pulled the car out of the snow and helped it make a U-turn back to the highway. Dwight Joachim, BC Search and Rescue’s senior manager, said he believed this was the “first use” of the new feature in British Columbia.

“There was no cell service there, but one of them happened to have a new Apple phone that had SOS in it and had SOS activated, and as far as I know, it’s the first time in British Columbia that SOS has been used,” Joachim said. For reference, Joachim Tom estimates his team conducts about 1,700 to 1,800 searches a year. SOS signals sent via satellite on the iPhone 14 can be drastically reduced.

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