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Iran, 11 sentenced to death for protests

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Iran, 11 sentenced to death for protests

There are 11 people sentenced to death in Iran after being arrested during the protests that have been going on for almost three months in the country. This was denounced by the NGO Iran Human Rights, based in Oslo, making it known that “dozens of other people are currently at risk of capital punishment” and that “the Islamic Republic has intentionally hidden the names of demonstrators with confirmed death sentences”.

According to the NGO, “the defendants do not have access to their lawyers” and cannot have contact with family members. The execution of the death penalty for the first protester convicted was carried out yesterday by hanging.

In the aftermath of the execution, the Iranian government defined the response of the police and the judiciary to the revolt as “proportionate and measured”. “Iran has used proportionate and common riot control methods,” Iran’s foreign ministry said on Twitter. “The same goes for the judicial process: measured and proportionate,” the Foreign Ministry insisted. And he defended the actions of the security and judicial forces in the name of safety: «Public safety is a red line. Violence and vandalism are not tolerable,” the ministry remarked.

Meanwhile, Germany has summoned the ambassador. No further details on the call were provided. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock yesterday criticized Iran’s behavior and stated that “the contempt of the Iranian regime for human life is boundless”.

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