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James Rodríguez and the reasons that made him leave Sao Paulo | Colombians Abroad

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James Rodríguez and the reasons that made him leave Sao Paulo |  Colombians Abroad

James Rodríguez has already made his position clear about leaving Sao Paulo and the club will not stop the Colombian ten, who is only waiting for peace and safety to be able to look for another team to play.

The midfielder’s name is on everyone’s lips and in Brazil they continue to analyze what James’ time in the São Paulo team was like, but now, they have revealed what would be the true reasons why the Colombian decided to step aside.

The media ‘Globo Esporte’ assured that one of the main reasons James had to make the final decision was that he had a lot of situations in these months that he was dressed in the tricolor, one of them, the decisions of the technicians, in which they claim that there was a friction with Dorival Junior and that he expected some change with Thiago Carpini.

“The relationship with the Dorival Junior committee was not the best. The midfielder was unhappy about being substituted at half-time in the classic against Palmeiras, at the Allianz Parque. At that time, São Paulo was losing 3-0, but the match would end 5-0”, reference ‘Globo Esporte’.

However, with Thiago Carpini James was looking for another change of scenery, but having been told by the coach that he was going to be a substitute against Palmeiras was what made James explode, who did not feel valued and ended up not traveling.

“Being left on the bench against Palmeiras, on Sunday, in Belo Horizonte, was the limit. James refused to travel as an unrelated athlete, which caused embarrassment since even injured people, such as Rodrigo Néstor, accompanied the delegation,” mentions the Brazilian media.

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Possible debt of Sao Paulo

Although it has not been confirmed by the club, ‘Globo Esporte’ assures that a financial debt to James Rodríguez may also be another of the factors that made him make the decisions and they work in common agreement to end their relationship in the best way. .

“James renounces what he would have received until the end of the contract, in June 2025, something close to R$ 16 million, but the footballer demands what São Paulo owes him: he calculates a value of 2 million euros (around R$ 10.6 million), something that is not confirmed by the club”, concludes ‘Globo Esporte’.

For now, James Rodríguez is beginning to analyze his future and once his relationship officially ends, the player will think about offers such as those from Besiktas and Real Salt Lake, who have recently shown interest.

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