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John McEnroe on Novak Djokovic | Sport

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John McEnroe on Novak Djokovic |  Sport

The American announced the status of Novak Djokovic, who is still waiting for the decision of the American authorities on the medical exemption.

Source: eurosport.com/Profimedia

“I’ll say it as briefly as I can, I think it would be an absolute shame if Novak wasn’t allowed to play. It was absurd to kick him out of Australia last year. I’ve had the shots and I respect his decision not to do the same. I would got vaccinated in his place, but that’s a whole other question Now, let’s face it, he played in 2021 and wasn’t allowed to play in 2022. Explain that to me. And now he still can’t come? It’s absurd, in my opinion . We’ll see what happens,” McEnroe said.

Last year, Djokovic did not play at the US Open, nor at the series of tournaments before the US Open, and now there is concern that he will not perform in California or Miami this season. “I repeat, it would be absurd if he couldn’t play in America, and especially if he couldn’t play in the US Open. This is a historic era in our sport, and Rafa and he each have won 22 titles. It’s all interesting if you ask me, but it would be a damn shame if Djokovic can’t get into the country,” added McEnroe, who is known for always speaking his mind.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Novak spoke about his possible departure to the USA: “The process is ongoing, that’s all I know. Those things are out of my control, I would like to play, I got the support of the tournament directors in Indian Wells and Miami , they want, I want and I hope that the third party will give a positive answer,” said Novak, alluding to his request to the authorities in the US to get an exemption and enter the country even though he is unvaccinated.

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