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Lawyer Luis Tudela dies after suffering from decompensation Elections of the Lima Bar Association, which end in tragedy

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Lawyer Luis Tudela dies after suffering from decompensation Elections of the Lima Bar Association, which end in tragedy

Gastón Soto, candidate to preside over the CAL and friend of Luis Tudela, commented what happened to the lawyer when he decompensated. Video: Latina

The lawyer Luis Alberto Tudela Varela, who was recognized for representing several characters in the entertainment industry, died last February 24 late at night after it was reported that he had suffered heat stroke, followed by decompensation, during the voting for the new representative of the Lima Bar Association (CAL).

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The lawyer was in said vote as the legal representative of the candidate Gastón Soto, who broke the news about his death this Sunday morning.

“Indeed, as you just mentioned, our main representative, Dr. Luis Alberto Tudela Varela, unfortunately left us yesterday. In circumstances so difficult as to be able to bear news of that nature, we were in the midst of the electoral process,” Soto explained for RPP.

Gastón Soto, candidate to preside over the CAL and friend of Luis Tudela, spoke about what happened to the lawyer. Video: Latina

As is known, last February 24 the elections were held to elect the next representative of the CAL, which became relevant when a series of lack of coordination was registered in the midst of the heat wave that is being experienced in the capital. Among the many complaints, it was reported that one of those attending the vote had suffered a collapse, this would be Luis Alberto Tudela Varela.

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Initial reports indicated that the lawyer’s decompensation occurred due to heat stroke resulting from the prolonged period of time exposed to the sun to which he was subjected amid the reported long lines. However, in the interview for RPP, the lawyer and CAL candidate, Gastón Soto, clarified a little more the reasons for his death.

Apparently he had a faint, he hit himself and all of that led to this unfortunate event that leaves us in mourning. We mourn in particular the group of members who were applying and basically our illustrious Bar Association of Lima; Well, Dr. Tudela is an outstanding legal professional, a renowned union member, since in particular, he accompanied us in almost all the electoral processes,” recalled the CAL candidate who has managed to advance to the second round.

Representative of different figures in the show fainted due to heat stroke. | x

It is worth remembering that, although his decompensation was attended to by the medical personnel who were stationed at the emblematic Melitón Carbajal school, where Tudela had to fulfill his duties as representative, the fall generated such an effect that his situation became complicated. After fainting, he was taken to a hospital in the capital in the company of two colleagues, where he remained in the shock trauma area to finally die at night, at the close of voting.

Tudela Varela’s career was marked by important trials. Since his signature, at the Tudela y Asociados law firm, the lawyer took on cases according to his specialty, which focused on crimes against property, health and bodily integrity, family and gender violence. This led him to take on media cases such as those of former mayor Susana Villarán; the footballer Paolo Guerrero and the questioned businessman Martin Belaunde Lossio.

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In the announcement of his death, candidate Gastón Soto remembered him for making himself endearing “with his enthusiasm, with his location, with his dedication, with his vehemence, above all, the same one that he always put into practice, using his professional knowledge.” . “He leaves us in such special circumstances and on a date that, truly, we will never forget. We loved him very much. “Last night he left us, at very late hours they told us,” the election candidate explained in his interview for RPP.

Luis Tudela Varela is also a well-known representative in the entertainment industry, he has stood out for his work with renowned figures such as Dina Paucar, Melissa Paredes and Angie Arizaga. This information highlights Tudela Varela’s relevant career in managing high-profile talent in Peru, underscoring his fundamental role in the development and promotion of their artistic careers.

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