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Lee Kang In Responds to Rumors of Punching Son Heung Min in the Face: Okezone Celebrity

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Lee Kang In Responds to Rumors of Punching Son Heung Min in the Face: Okezone Celebrity

SEOULLee Kang In via law firm Seo On finally spoke out regarding rumors of his feud with the captain of the South Korean national team, Son Heung Minthrough an official statement released on February 15, 2024.

The Seo On law firm said that its client was very sorry and realized his mistake. This is the reason why the 22 year old footballer apologized publicly via Insta Story, on February 14 2024.

“Lee Kang In believes that an apology is what is needed rather than ‘defending oneself’ by revealing what happened. “Because of that he released an apology via Insta Story,” the law firm was quoted as saying AllkpopThursday (15/2/2024).

However, Lee Kang In’s upload actually invited controversy and led to slanted media coverage. This reason also made the law firm feel the need to straighten out several issues that were deemed ‘inappropriate’.

The Seo On law firm revealed that there are two main issues that they need to straighten out from media reports. First, regarding the article which said Lee Kang In punched Son Heung Min in the face when the South Korean national team captain grabbed his collar.

“The news is far from the reality,” said the law firm.

Second, it wasn’t only Lee Kang In and junior players who played table tennis. There were several senior players from the South Korean national team who took part in the game.

“We will provide a more complete explanation and several other issues later. “Once again, we apologize to all parties who have been disappointed with Lee Kang In’s attitude,” said the footballer’s attorney.

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Lee Kang In, through his attorney, released this official statement after Dispatch reported that the footballer threw his fist at Son Heung Min’s face, without him having time to dodge.

The fight between the players continued where Son Heung Min’s finger got caught in one of the players’ clothes, causing his finger to break.,” wrote the South Korean entertainment media in its report on February 14, 2024.

After the incident that occurred on February 5 2024, Son Heung Min was reported to have met Lee Kang In personally. The Paris Saint-German midfielder has reportedly apologized to the South Korean national team captain.

As a result of this feud, the public asked the South Korean Football Association to revoke Lee Kang In’s mandatory military exemption. He was released from the military after leading the South Korean national team to a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022.*

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