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Linnéa Myhre’s message – after Emil Gukild’s behavior in 71 degrees north: “Worst I have…”

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Linnéa Myhre’s message – after Emil Gukild’s behavior in 71 degrees north: “Worst I have…”

In 2022 revealed the turtle doves, influencer Linnéa Myhre (33) and journalist Emil Gukild (32), that they had become engaged.

Linnéa Myhre first became known as a blogger and quickly became one of Norway’s most read.

She has created web series such as “La Linnéa Leve”, “Søvnløs” and “When we ruled the internet”, in addition to writing books such as “Evig søndag”, “Kjære” and “Me, me, me”.

She has previously been seen in TV2’s “Skal vi danse” and in 2021 she was relevant in season 2 of “Kompani Lauritzen” where she finished in second place behind actor Carl Martin Eggesbø.

Last year we could see her in “Maskorama” on NRK.

Myhre was previously with artist Sondre Lerchebut confirmed in June 2021 that she had found love with sports journalist Emil Gukild.

Gukild is known to the Norwegian population as a former sports anchor in NRK’s ​​sports broadcasts and in Dagsrevyen.

He previously had his own comedy program “Emil i OL”, which was broadcast on TVNorge during the Winter Olympics in 2018.

The love between the young couple is therefore very strong and genuine, because after only one year as a couple, Gukild got down on one knee and asked Myhre the big question.

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Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

Married this summer

The couple got married at the venerable Britannia Hotel in Trondheim. The turtle doves both describe the weekend “as the best of their lives”.

TV profile Simon Nitsche (32) was both toastmaster and best man.

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They chose a touching move at their wedding – namely a ban on mobile phones.

After the wedding, they boarded the plane for their honeymoon to Los Angeles in the United States.

– I really just discovered how patient, restrained and good Linnéa is at everything. At the same time, I found out how bad I am at keeping my composure when it really boils. Then I go into a mode where I have blinders on and lose it a bit, he says frankly.

It’s clear that the couple is still just as in love with each other. Finally, Myhre has found the man of her dreams.

– It’s a wonderful feeling, she says.

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Emil Gukild’s behavior

Gukild and Myhre participated together in “71 degrees north – teams”.

Going on a trip and experiencing nature up close is a tradition among many in Norway.

For the newly married couple, however, this is not everyday food.

Gukild, for example, has never held a fishing rod in his life before participating in the program.

Before the premiere of the program, Gukild addressed the episode.

– I’m a bit dreading the fishing competition, where I get quite a few fish, but I’m certainly not fit to handle one, Gukild told The online newspaper.

Myhre reveals that she saw a completely different side of her husband then.

– Emil was really scared when he got a small sei. It’s the worst thing I’ve seen in my life, Myhre said.

Myhre says that she is excited about the reactions the fishing episode would get.

– He does not know what to do with the fish after he has caught it. It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. He tries to kill it by sticking a dull bread knife in its stomach, she says.

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