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LIVE |  Mexico Elections 2024

Mexico Elections 2024: Candidates Outline Security Strategies

As the 2024 presidential election in Mexico approaches, candidates are outlining their security strategies to address the ongoing issue of violence in the country. Xóchitl Gálvez, the candidate for the Presidency of the coalition republic Strength and Heart for Mexico, has emphasized that her approach will differ from that of Claudia Sheinbaum, the candidate for Morena, who has advocated for a “hugs not bullets” policy similar to President López Obrador.

Gálvez has stated, “My security strategy is different, I am not going to continue with the war against drugs.” She criticized Sheinbaum’s approach, saying, “The candidate wants to continue giving hugs to the mother of the Chapo Guzman, and not me.” Gálvez pledged to prioritize the safety of citizens, particularly students who should be able to attend classes without fear of violence.

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised about possible electoral violence that could impact the campaign process. The Catholic Church of Mexico has called to prevent organized crime from intervening in the electoral process, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of the democratic process.

The Citizen Observatory has also highlighted 10 key points for the 2024 elections, including the security of candidates and the need to prevent interference from President López Obrador in the electoral process, which is prohibited by law.

The upcoming election is considered the largest in Mexican history, with candidates from various parties competing for the Presidency. In addition to the presidential race, governors of several states and positions in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies will be contested.

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To ensure transparency and fair play, three debates among the candidates for the Presidency of Mexico are scheduled to take place in April and May. Stay updated on the latest events and developments in the campaigns and elections in Mexico.

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