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London denies transfer to Italy for an incurable 8-month-old girl: the case of Indi Gregory

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London denies transfer to Italy for an incurable 8-month-old girl: the case of Indi Gregory

She is only eight months old, suffers from a mitochondrial disease deemed incurable and is hospitalized in the hospital Queen Medical Center di Nottingham. Do not medici English they are convinced that she is destined to die. A case ended up before the judges ofHigh Court, Londonwhich they denied to the parents of Indi Gregory the possibility of taking her daughter to the children’s hospital Baby Jesus of Rome to continue to keep it alive through the support of machines and prevent the plug from being pulled instead according to the intention of the British white coats.

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For Indi’s case, the Italian center had stepped forward offering the possibility of assisting her, as it had done in the past for two other English children, but justice had said ‘no’ for them too. It was about Charlie Gard e Alfie Evansboth at the center of a painful one judicial and media affairdied in Kingdom once life support is withdrawn. Also for Indy There is a long battle going on in the courts of England between young parents, Claire Staniforth e Dean Gregoryaided by Christian Legal Centre, and doctors supported in their opinions by judges. The father of the newborn commented on the court’s decision, in which the usual one is used formula according to which a transfer would not be in the child’s best interests and would lead to further suffering for her, describing it as “repugnant”.

“Even if the transfer in Italy involves some risk, the only alternative that was offered to us in United Kingdom is to accept Indi’s death,” he said Gregory at the Bbc, emphasizing that there is nothing to lose for either the parents or the daughter. Although the draconian verdict of the judge does not offer much hope, as “nothing suggests that the prognosis of Indi Gregory can be positively modified by the treatment in the Italian hospital”, the father and mother intend to continue with the legal battle and have announced an appeal. A new attempt on their part, therefore, after those to contest the decision of doctors to pull the plug who had been rejected by a court. Yet there have been other cases in which the will of the parents to contact Italian hospitals had been fully respected.

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As happened for Tafida Raqeebwho was 5 years old when she was transferred from in serious condition London al Gaslini Of Genova. His family had won the battle in court so that her vital function support would not be interrupted as requested by the Royal London Hospital. The little girl then improved and was discharged from the Italian hospital in 2020. While another story with a happy ending – although very different from a medical point of view – is that of Alex Montresor: the little boy suffering from a rare genetic disease who recovered to have a life comparable to that of his peers after a stem cell transplant from a parent that he had not been able to obtain in Great Britain and to which he had instead been subjected to Baby Jesus of Rome.

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