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Maja Marinković denied that she ended up in the hospital Entertainment

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Maja Marinković denied that she ended up in the hospital  Entertainment

Maja Marinković is enjoying Montenegro, from where she discovered whether the alleged incident really took place, as some media reported.

Source: Zadruga official

After the news that she allegedly ended up in the hospital after an attempted rape, Maja Marinković spoke up and denied this news, which was reported by some local media. A former member of the Cooperative spoke for Courier and stated that none of what was reported was true.

The former cooperative member recently left on vacation with her friend Slađa Lazić and lives life to the fullest, regularly posting photos and videos on her Instagram account, which further confused her fans. She is currently in Montenegro on vacation, and she vigorously denied the alleged incident.

God save me! What nonsense and lies! I have no words… I understand that I sell newspapers and that I am read, but I can’t believe that they go this low for that. The horror! Of course it’s nonsense and lies! It has nothing to do with life! I enjoy Budva and everything is in the best order,” said Maja Marinković.

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HE IS SPENDING AT THE SEA WHILE RUMORS ARE CIRCULATING THAT HE IS IN THE HOSPITAL: Maja Marinković came forward and revealed the real TRUTH about the incident!

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Source: Instagram/screenshot/majamarinkovicNo. picture: 11 1 / 11 Source: Kurir/Ana PaunkovićNo. image: 11 2 / 11 Source: Antonio Ahel/ATAImagesNo. image: 11 3 / 11 AD Source: YouTube/Zadruga OfficialNo. picture: 11 4 / 11 Source: Instagram/screenshot/majamarinkovicNo. image: 11 5 / 11 Source: YouTube/Cooperative OfficialNo. image: 11 6 / 11 AD Source: YouTube/Zadruga OfficialNo. image: 11 7 / 11 Source: YouTube/Cooperative OfficialNo. picture: 11 8 / 11 Source: Instagram/majaamarinkovicNo. image: 11 9 / 11 AD Source: Instagram/majaamarinkovic/printscreenNo. picture: 11 10 / 11 Source: Instagram/screenshot/majamarinkovicNo. picture: 11 11 / 11

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Source: Kurir television

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