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Martyrs of Terror – Zone 11

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Martyrs of Terror – Zone 11

Of a frozen emotion that intensely disarms us,
Time is suspended by the jitters of our alarms;
He worries about the repeated misdeeds of vile executioners,
Which stigmatize our bodies of martyrs, without rest.

Of an equestrian sensation that rides in our stomach,
We are caught off guard by the knots of an inadequate conflict;
Terror generated by the twists and turns of a guilty aggression,
Who makes us captive of this formidable jailer.

Of an armed exaction that paralyzes our senses,
Horror fills our members who lose all composure;
Think of escape as useful immediate relief,
Despite our stiff movements which remain paralyzed with fear.

From a posture of being mistreated by stubborn desires,
Of monster infantry who overwhelm us on our lands,
Hesitating for a long time to take flight,
Or remain in silence in the face of the raids that petrify our uvula.

Silencing the word as a recourse imposed on our setbacks,
By dint of fear which takes over our hopes;
From a status of collateral scapegoat targets of insurgents,
Who are full of grudges and unparalleled atrocities.

From a desire to break the taboo of decades of abuse,
Who dent us for a long time in an arduous hazing;
Seek sober horizons and shelters without assault,
To stop suffocating and find a land without evils.

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