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“Massa Fum”, third preview of the new work by 31 FAM

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“Massa Fum”, third preview of the new work by 31 FAM

The Catalan urban group 31 FAM has released a new single “Massa Fum”, the third advance from his fourth album titled “bona fide”.

The band 31 FAMformed by Kid Pi, Koalekay, Lil Didi, Joey C, AAA and Bandamhave released their new single “Massa Fum”, the third song from their fourth album to be called “bona fide”. This single takes us back to the time when they released their debut album TR3TZE. The six members have managed to mix, in all their songs, different musical styles such as trap, dancehall, funk and R&B and different languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish and English).

The group has become a benchmark in the urban genre in the country and a phenomenon among the youth. Since their first album, they have had millions of reproductions of their songs and they have already accumulated thousands of followers on their social networks. In addition, they have shared stages with great artists such as C.Tangana, Michael Delacalle or Thunder and, they have filled important halls such as Razzmatazz, Apollo or Myrona.

31 FAM He has released several hits such as “Valentina” on his first album or very successful albums such as “JET LAG” o “Valhalla Vol.1” that allowed them to go on tour in Spain. Now, the group has presented “Massa Fum”, a single that tells us about the doubts and complications that arise in a relationship. This song, together with the other two advances “Wan Tun” and “X2 REAL”, begin to outline what will be “bona fide”.

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