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more services and security in 14 cities

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more services and security in 14 cities

During the final day of the Italian Tech Week in Turin, the CEO of the TIM group Pietro Labiola presented a preview of the new digital booths, “intelligent stations” created in collaboration with Urban Vision. The forerunner of the project will be the Municipality of Milano That, already in 2024will thus make the city’s streets and squares smarter and more sustainable, thanks to the 2.0 booths from TIM and Urban Vision which will allow access via touch screen to a wide range of services and contents digital, including those of public utility.

Characterized by a renewed design, the digital cabins represent an advanced and inclusive device, with sensor applications that they will also allow people with motor disabilitieslanguage or visual barriers, to access information and digital services in a personalized way as well as “simple and fast”, is the company’s promise. The design of the cabins respects environmental sustainability standards which completely eliminate the carbon footprint through internationally certified compensation systems in the local area.

The digital booths are part of TIM’s broader project to bridge TIM’s gender gap, Equality cannot wait. They will act as safety facilityuseful for dealing with potentially dangerous situations. Thanks to the button Women+, in fact, it is possible to access a support service with an operator in real time to report, manage and assist the person who requests it. This is a social feature that makes one available to everyone tool to combat episodes of violence towards women or, in a broader perspective, towards the phenomena of petty crime.


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TIM’s idea will also act as support for culture, tourism and institutional information that the Municipality will want to provide to its citizens in real time. Via digital booths you can:

access the offers of an artistic nature in the cityincluding cinemas theaters museums concerts and events in general buy tickets
choose a ristorante
book a taxi
check the forecasts weather forecast
The transport timetables

obtain traffic information
recharge your smartphone
make payments
call for free national landlines and mobile numbers.

The project aims to restore value to a part of the historical heritage of traditional public telephony which has been decommissioned throughout the country since May. The city of Milan was chosen to start the project, where around 450 stations will be progressively installed. The initiative will subsequently extend into 13 other major cities Italian for a total of approximately 2,500 digital booths which, when fully operational, will be active in Italy.

Innovation is the key to offering more efficient solutions and bringing concrete benefits to the community – commented Pietro Labriola, CEO of TIM. With this project we transform the traditional booth, born in the 1950s, into a new generation multi-service desk that will help make our cities more sustainable. We took the opportunity to give a second life to a part of our heritage that has now been outgrown by our habits, to make it evolve and also become an important safety device for women in dangerous situations. Telephone booths will thus be transformed into a tool available to citizens and which confirms our commitment to gender and social inclusion in the era of smart cities.

We are really proud to be TIM’s partner in this great project – echoes Gianluca De Marchi, CEO of Urban Vision, partner of the project. In developing the new TIM digital booth we based ourselves on the principles that have always characterized our relationship with the city: creating value for the community in terms of public utility, innovation and safety, through technologically advanced solutions, totally integrated with the urban fabric.

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