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Nebojša Šofranac wants an interview from Srđan Đoković | Sport

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Nebojša Šofranac wants an interview from Srđan Đoković |  Sport

“That’s not what I think”, says the journalist on the remark about Novak being “The biggest loser of all time”.

Source: MONDO/Uroš Arsić

Montenegrin journalist Nebojša Šofranac who is publicly insulted Novak Djokovic announced himself and answered Srdjan Djokovic. After the father of the greatest tennis player of all time told him “May God help him“, Šofranac announced himself on social networks and offered Srđan Đoković to do a big interview that would do a lot for the Montenegrin public.

“I think Srđan Đoković’s statement deserves two sentences of comment, although it is unnecessary to look back on that transparent comic campaign in the dejava style of bots and the worst tabloids. But since he was also served what he heard ‘LOAT’, let me explain once again that it is a mime and it’s a mime from Spanish networks, of which there are countless, and of course they are of a comical nature,” he wrote.

“So, here’s a clear answer, that’s not what I think, quite the opposite, I think he’s currently the greatest winner in history and there’s no philosophy,” Šofranac added.

He stated that he had thought “God help us” many times about Srđan Djokovic and that he still did not say it – neither publicly nor privately.

“And I think it’s a shame and frivolous that we get to know each other through this worst kind of bloodthirsty scandal tabloid and that when Novak is 37 years old, and there were much better opportunities for that. However, there is still something that could be done. One a real big interview for our media that never happened, where you could hear memories from the first big duels with Coria, Verdask, Monfis, Ancic, and up to the historic finals, that is something very feasible, and it would do a lot for the Montenegrin public “, he added.

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A Montenegrin journalist came forward! Changed the story and now has this offer for Srđan Đoković!

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Let us remind you that Šofranac behaved inappropriately on social networks after this year’s Wimbledon final in which Novak Djokovic lost to Carlos Alcaraz. “What did you do to him, Carlitos? So many illegal crazy volleys, slices and bombs that should be banned. And to incite so much anger from lumberjacks who don’t even know how to count games, but know enough to curse a 20-year-old boy who amazed the world? How many shepherds are going to stop watching tennis and cry in agony on my wall? What have you done Carlitos? Let’s meet the best tennis player on the planet (if we haven’t already), Wimbledon champion at 20 years old, great athlete ala Nadal who respects everyone, doesn’t shed crocodile tears and who will win 30 slams, the next 15 years will be a nightmare and he will not share titles with others. The new era begins now…”, reads the announcement of a popular Montenegrin journalist.

He also wrote that “the Spaniards have given Novak a new nickname. LOAT, as many as 12 lost finals, the most in the Open Era, he is the “loser of all times”.

02:11 Novak Djokovic at the Education Fair Source: Kurir televizija

Source: Kurir television

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