Home World [News Highlights]The truth about the CCP’s epidemic prevention by the United States suspending 26 Chinese flights | Abe’s state funeral | Women’s volleyball match wearing a mask | CCP epidemic

[News Highlights]The truth about the CCP’s epidemic prevention by the United States suspending 26 Chinese flights | Abe’s state funeral | Women’s volleyball match wearing a mask | CCP epidemic

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[News Highlights]The truth about the CCP’s epidemic prevention by the United States suspending 26 Chinese flights | Abe’s state funeral | Women’s volleyball match wearing a mask | CCP epidemic

[The Epoch Times, August 27, 2022]Hello everyone, welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Watch”, I am Li Muyang. Today is Thursday, August 25th, Eastern Time, and Friday, August 26th, Asia Pacific Time.

Today’s focus: Will air tickets go up? The United States suspends 26 Chinese flights; according to the requirements of the CCP, why is the US flight positive? Nucleic acid-free old man begged for rejection and was detained for malicious condolences; the women’s volleyball team wore a mask to compete, the truth about the CCP’s crazy epidemic prevention; Abe’s state funeral was invited to Taiwan, will Kishida set up a routine to drill?

Today we will focus on two aspects. One is the US side sanctioning the CCP reciprocally and suspending 26 Chinese flights. According to the requirements of the CCP, why there are positives on the US flights and the truth behind the CCP’s crazy epidemic prevention; the other is the Japanese Kishida government. At the same time, Taiwan and Beijing were invited to attend Abe’s state funeral. Will Xi Jinping drill the sleeve?

Airfare prices going up?US sanctions China reciprocally

Yesterday (25th), the US government decided to suspend 26 flights of Xiamen Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines starting from September 5th until September 28th. Of the suspended flights, seven were China Eastern flights from New York and 19 were flights from Los Angeles.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s announcement stated that such a decision was made in response to the Chinese government’s flight circuit breaker mechanism. The CCP has revised the policy since August 7. If 4% of the passengers on the flight are diagnosed with the new crown virus, the flight will be suspended for one week; if 8% of the passengers are diagnosed, the flight will be suspended for 2 weeks.

Twenty-six flights to China by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines were canceled under the Chinese measure. As a reciprocal measure, the United States also canceled 26 Chinese flights.

The cancellation of 26 flights between the United States and China will undoubtedly affect the earnings of airlines in both the United States and China. The supply of US-China flights is already in short supply, and the flight capacity of the US-China route has always been relatively tight. There are now only 20 weekly flights between the US and China, less than one-fifth of what it was before the pandemic.

Flights themselves are already very tight, and now that flights are being cut drastically, the airport’s revenue will naturally decrease. But airports can’t afford to take the economic losses from fewer flights, they’ll be passed on to passengers, who will pay the bill. Therefore, it should be foreseeable that there is a high probability that air ticket prices will increase.

The emergence of this situation shows that the US-China relationship has become quite rigid, showing a situation where the needle is on the tip of the needle. What the CCP did against the United States in the past, the United States will also appeal, negotiate, etc., and hope that the CCP can adjust and change. But this is no longer the case. The current situation is that what the CCP does to the United States, the United States will fight back, one for another.

This situation will only make the relationship between the United States and China worse and worse, so the CCP immediately came forward to shout. Liu Pengyu, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in the United States, immediately said that the U.S. Department of Transportation’s behavior was “extremely irresponsible” and that it “suspended flights without grounds.” He said the CCP’s “flight circuit breaker mechanism is fair and transparent, and is in line with bilateral air transport agreements.”

However, Reuters quoted the U.S. Department of Transportation as saying that the United States has repeatedly raised objections to the Chinese government, pointing out that the CCP’s rule is inappropriate. Because the traveler tested negative before boarding the flight from the U.S., but “tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in China.”

The CCP used the number of positive passengers it detected to punish American airlines. This is obviously not conducive to the operation of American Airlines, and of course the US government will not do it.

Why is there a positive in the inspection of the US flight as required by the CCP?

According to the different views of the US and China, a simple analysis can be made. We all know that when we take a plane now, whether domestic or international flights, we must carry out nucleic acid testing and other items in advance. Passengers can only take the plane after obtaining a certificate such as a negative nucleic acid.

Especially for passengers flying from the United States to China, the airline conducts document inspections in accordance with the requirements of the CCP. You must fully meet the requirements of the Chinese Communist Party before you can board the plane. After boarding the plane, taking off and during the flight are also done in accordance with the requirements of the CCP.

That is to say, there are no problems for passengers before boarding and after take-off. But strangely, after the plane landed at a Chinese airport, passengers tested positive. What is the reason for this? What’s the problem with this weird phenomenon?

During the Spring and Autumn Period, Yan Zi, a doctor from Qi State, was sent to Chu State as an envoy. The King of Chu wanted to insult Yan Zi and wanted to show the prestige of Chu State. When he was rewarding Yanzi with drinking, two officials came with one person. The King of Chu asked where he was from? What crime was committed? The messenger reported back that he was from the state of Qi and had committed the crime of theft.

The King of Chu deliberately asked Yan Zi, “Do all Qi people like to steal?” Yan Zi immediately got up and replied, “I heard such a thing, oranges grow in Huainan, and they will produce big and sweet oranges. But the same oranges Planted in Huaibei, only small and bitter citrus trees can be produced. The shape and taste are different because the soil and water in Huainan and Huaibei are different. The common people can live and work in peace and contentment in Qi, but they steal in Chu. Could it be because of soil and water? ?”

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Now a similar situation has arisen. There is no problem before boarding and after taking off in the United States. As soon as you enter China ruled by the CCP, you will be found to be positive. Is this related to the CCP?

I’m not sure if the CCP is deliberately creating conflicts. Just like in the US-China trade exchanges in the early years, the CCP just wants to take advantage and export more Chinese goods to the United States. However, the CCP makes every effort to make things difficult and create obstacles for U.S. goods exported to China.

After the outbreak spread globally, Chinese airlines have drastically scaled back the number of flights, making it difficult for people to return home. At the same time, airlines have increased the price of air tickets several times, and it takes tens of thousands, or even about 100,000 yuan, to buy a return ticket.

And U.S. airlines did not take advantage of the situation and maintained their pre-pandemic ticket prices. And passengers can enjoy better service on U.S. flights, so many people choose to take U.S. flights.

The practice of American Airlines is naturally a shock to the Chinese airline, so that it cannot make money in a frenzy. In this case, will the CCP use the “positive test” as an excuse to force the flight from the United States to China to stop? With the evil of the CCP, this kind of thing cannot be ruled out.

Nucleic acid-free old man begging for denial of malicious condolences and detained

Another possibility is that the US and China have handled the epidemic differently. What the United States has adopted is to coexist with the virus, while the CCP is still taking extreme measures to prevent the epidemic.

As we all know, although there are still epidemics in Western countries, they are already very weak, and the impact on the people has been minimal. The people’s work and life have basically returned to normal, which is not much different from before the epidemic. The reason is that although the infection rate of Omicron that is currently spreading is very high, the severe disease rate and mortality rate are very low, more like a cold, or even milder than the symptoms of a cold.

A few days ago, an international student in Japan emailed me saying that he had tested positive. I reminded him at the time not to be nervous, to maintain an optimistic mood, to improve his diet, and to pay attention to rest. There is no need to take any medicine, and there is no obvious therapeutic drug, and it will automatically recover after resting for a few days. A few days later, I emailed the friend again to ask about his recovery. He told me in the email that it has returned to normal without any impact.

Let’s look at the CCP’s side, the epidemic prevention and control has almost reached the point of madness. As long as one positive case is found, we will immediately go to war and nucleic acid testing in the whole city; as long as there is no nucleic acid negative certificate, nothing can be done, and it will be useless to ask grandpa to tell grandma, kowtow and kneel.

Yesterday (25th), in the west square of Nanchang Railway Station in Jiangxi, an old man with white hair was about to enter the station to take a train. However, because there is no nucleic acid certificate, the staff will not let the elderly in. In desperation, the old man knelt down to the staff and begged with tears in his eyes, hoping to be accommodating, but he was still not allowed.

I have no intention of blaming the staff, they are also implementing CCP policy. If an epidemic occurs after the elderly are allowed to enter the station, and the staff will be held accountable afterwards, the staff will have to go around. In order to keep their jobs and their jobs, the staff can only indifferently implement the CCP’s cold-blooded policy.

There are many similar things. Another example is on August 14, at the ticket gate of Baotou Railway Station in Inner Mongolia, parents brought their six- or seven-year-old children to Beijing. However, the child did not get the nucleic acid negative certificate and was stopped by the staff outside the ticket gate.

One more thing happened on August 22. The Xinjiang Police in Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province issued a notice to impose administrative penalties on a family of four in Xinjiang New District. The reason is that the family went to attend the funeral of the old man on the grounds of going out to buy vegetables.

According to the report, Zhu Moumou, a villager in Jitang Village, Guixi City, passed away on August 16. At 8 a.m. the next day, Zhu’s daughter and son-in-law rode an electric bike out of the community on the grounds of going out to buy food. Afterwards, they dared not walk on the main road. They walked on the path and waded across the river to reach Jitang Village to express their condolences.

After the funeral on the 22nd, the family of four tried to return the same way. However, he was worried that he would encounter a snake on the path, so he was found when he tried to cross the port village of Jiangbei Office, and asked the family to go home according to the designated route. At 8:20 that night, when the family arrived at the residential area, they were stopped by security and called the police.

The news has caused ridicule from many netizens, “You can buy vegetables, but you can’t express condolences to your relatives”; “During the epidemic, please don’t die unless necessary”; “Mental condolences, handcuffed”; People are not easy.”

Yesterday afternoon, the Chinese women’s volleyball team wore an N95 mask to play in the Asian Cup. As a result, they lost the first game to the Iranian women’s volleyball team, and then took off their masks and won three games in a row. Today (26th) the Chinese Volleyball Association stated that allowing players to wear masks to play games is to “protect the health of athletes” and “prevent the spread of the epidemic”.

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The explanation of the CCP Volleyball Association is a complete lie. This is not “protecting the health of athletes” at all. It is purely for epidemic prevention. This is a political operation. Because wearing a mask during intense competitive sports has a great impact on the physical and mental health of athletes. But letting athletes wear masks to play matches is in line with the central policy and is politically correct.

Under the rule of the CCP, in order to prevent epidemics, family ethics can be ignored, and farm work can be ignored. Everything is centered on epidemic prevention, and epidemic prevention is the first priority. Nucleic acid production has reached an inexhaustible level. Regardless of violent storms, high temperature and scorching sun, whether men, women, children, sick or pregnant, nucleic acid must be done collectively at a designated time and place.

In the past two days, the high temperature in Chongqing killed many people, and the wildfires were also raging. However, the Chongqing authorities strictly ordered more than 10 million people in the central urban area to queue for a long time in the sweltering heat for nucleic acid testing. The hard work paid off. Under the high temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius, 2 positive cases were finally found from 10.32 million people yesterday (25th). How thorough the CCP’s epidemic prevention is.

Not only people need to make nucleic acids, but fruits and vegetables also need nucleic acids, poultry and livestock also need nucleic acids, doors, windows and walls need nucleic acids, toilets and ice creams need nucleic acids, and even fish, shrimp, crabs and mussels picked up from the water are also made of nucleic acids… As long as you can think of, everything needs to be made of nucleic acid.

The same is true of vaccination. The 90-year-old must be compulsorily vaccinated, and even more so after a few months of birth; one injection is not enough, two injections are not enough, and two injections are not enough. vaccinate once”.

These extremely cold-blooded and hilarious things make people feel as if the Cultural Revolution is reappearing. Friends who have experienced the CCP’s “Cultural Revolution” should know that in order to cooperate with Mao Zedong’s political movement, the “Gang of Four” shouted the slogan “I would rather socialist grass than capitalist seedlings”, which caused a bloody storm in mainland China.

Now, under the banner of epidemic prevention, the CCP has once again launched a comprehensive mandatory nucleic acid test and mandatory vaccination in China. Under the CCP’s “zero-clearing policy” as its general policy, the implementation of epidemic prevention in various places is to prefer the left over the right. “It is better to kill a thousand by mistake than to let one go.”

Let’s look at those passengers flying to China from abroad. Before boarding, everyone put on white isolation suits and covered them tightly. Foreigners are all naked and laughing freely, but these people who are about to fly to China, but they walk through the waiting hall wearing white swagger. It’s like an alien species, causing foreigners to take pictures and videos with their mobile phones.

A netizen analyzed that it would not be surprising to see staff wearing protective clothing at domestic airports. You may also feel that you attach great importance to epidemic prevention, or you may feel that it is not easy for the staff. However, at airports in the United States, Chinese aviation personnel wearing protective clothing will be complained by the American public. Because Americans think it is not only unsightly, but also scary and uncomfortable.

This netizen pointed out from different angles: From a domestic perspective, Americans are “simply hopeless”; but in fact, Americans look at the Chinese people under the CCP’s epidemic prevention measures as well, “simply hopeless.”

Another netizen thanked the US government for the decision in the post. He wrote, “As a Shanghai native, I sincerely thank the U.S. government for making this decision. In addition, I suggest not to cancel flights, but to cancel all routes from the U.S. to China. Freighters and cargo planes are non-stop, and import and export trade is non-stop. People, China can only go out and not enter.”

So why are the CCP’s epidemic prevention measures so extreme, and why is the CCP so crazy? The truth behind it is that the CCP is very afraid of this virus and that the CCP regime will be overwhelmed by the epidemic.

Everyone should know that the CCP is most afraid of Falun Gong. Not only because there are many people who practice Falun Gong, but also because many of Falun Gong’s claims have been verified. Sima Nan, a senior five Mao who is being banned by the CCP, questioned earlier, why many of the things Falun Gong said are true?

Everyone should also know that we have always called this virus the “CCP virus”. Because this virus was spread all over the world under the CCP’s concealment of the truth. So in order for people to remember the source of the virus, we used that name.

What’s also interesting is that I heard from Falun Gong practitioners that this virus came to the CCP, and it was to cooperate with “God destroys the CCP”. After the CCP eavesdropped on this news, it was frightened to death, for fear that the CCP regime would collapse. Therefore, the leaders of Beijing kept demanding that “the virus be cleared” and the society “cleared”, and the tossing became more and more severe. The purpose was to protect the CCP regime.

But how is it possible for the CCP to clear the virus? It is here to destroy the CCP. So even though the CCP’s anti-epidemic measures have become more and more extreme and cold-blooded, and its practices have become more and more violent, this virus is entrenched in the CCP.

Abe’s state funeral, Taiwan invited Kishida to set up a set of drills?

Now let’s talk about another thing that is very embarrassing to the CCP. Today (26th), the Japanese government said that it will spend $1.83 million to hold a state funeral for the assassinated former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on September 27th.

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Kyodo news agency reported that the Japanese government has officially invited nearly 200 countries that Japan has diplomatic relations with to attend the funeral. The state funeral was attended by about 6,400 guests, including more than 1,000 in the diplomatic corps. US Vice President Harris and former President Barack Obama have basically confirmed to attend the funeral. French President Emmanuel Macron, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who have good relations with Abe, also intend to travel to Tokyo to attend Abe’s state funeral.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear that he will not attend Abe’s state funeral. As for what level of officials will be sent to attend, it has not yet been determined. Beijing also has diplomatic relations with Tokyo and should have also received an invitation from Japan. But it is still unknown who Beijing will send to Tokyo, or whether it will send people to participate. All parties are highly concerned, because Japan has made it clear that it has invited Taiwan.

The Taiwan side has received an invitation from the Kishida government, and no one has yet been determined to attend Abe’s state funeral, but if nothing else happens, the Republic of China will definitely send someone to attend. After Abe was assassinated, President Tsai Ing-wen of the Republic of China immediately excluded Vice President Lai Qingde from going to Tokyo to attend a mourning event organized by Abe’s family.

Although it is uncertain which Taiwanese official will attend Abe’s state funeral, this is a challenge for Beijing, and it will be uncomfortable no matter what it does. Because the CCP has always claimed that Taiwan is part of China, it has been suppressing Taiwan’s international activities.

This time, if Beijing also sends officials to attend Abe’s state funeral along with Taiwan officials, it will obviously give the outside world the impression of “two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan”. Even if the CCP does not admit it, in fact it seems to be the case.

If Beijing refuses to send personnel to attend Abe’s state funeral, it will be another shock to Sino-Japanese relations. Chinese leaders have always hoped to pull Japan into their own camp, and although it is unlikely, Beijing is indeed making an effort to do so.

In particular, September 29 is the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Japan. The CCP had hoped to have a good 50-year “Daqing” earlier, and to close the relationship with the Kishida government. If no one is sent to attend Abe’s state funeral at this time, it will inevitably create an impression on the Kishida government: the CCP does not want to have a good relationship with Japan.

And once Japan has formed such an understanding, it will be difficult for Beijing to restore it. Correspondingly, Japan will accelerate its distance from the CCP and stand in the Western camp. And Japan’s influence in the Indo-Pacific region, and even in the world, cannot be underestimated. To offend Japan is to set up a powerful “enemy” for itself.

Therefore, for Xi Jinping’s authorities, it is a headache to participate in Abe’s state funeral. But this may be a deliberate trick set up by the Kishida government to let the leaders of Beijing dig in.

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