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Nora Haukland, Kompani Lauritzen | Nora Haukland: – One of the things I have regretted the most

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Nora Haukland, Kompani Lauritzen |  Nora Haukland: – One of the things I have regretted the most

Influencer Nora Haukland (26) can these days be seen as company recruit 20 in “Kompani Lauritzen” on TV 2.

Glitter and glam have been replaced by green and blood, sweat and tears, and the influencer has really gotten to know the commander’s hard-nosed rule of the company.

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For Haukland’s part, this is her first meeting with the Armed Forces, as she steered clear of recruiting herself for the initial service. She later regretted that.

Regrets the choice as a 19-year-old

When Nettavisen meets Haukland in connection with the recording of “Kompani Lauritzen”, Haukland can say that today she would have liked to have made a different choice as a young person, and joined the Armed Forces, if it had been possible.

Haukland can say that initially she was actually going to join the Armed Forces, but that as a 19-year-old she decided instead to travel.

– I have regretted that choice a lot, because it seems like a really cool experience, says Haukland to Nettavisen.

The fact that she will now get to experience certain parts of the Armed Forces as an adult, she greatly appreciates.

– It has really been one of the things I have regretted the most.

In the interview with Nettavisen, Haukland admits that last year was a turbulent year for her which gave her a real break.

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Haukland herself hopes that the participation in “Kompani Lauritzen” will challenge her, and give her a new type of self-confidence.

– I hope this will give me a little more self-confidence and a sense of mastery, and that I can feel that you are tougher than you think. Then I think this is the right place, says Haukland.

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Will display a new page

Although on a daily basis we are perhaps most used to seeing Haukland styled and in her extravagant lifestyle, “Kompani Lauritzen” has so far shown that there is more to the Alta girl than just that.

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In Wednesday’s episode of the programme, Haukland is both praised by the commander for having control over the mud trail, but she also shows that she is not at all afraid of getting a bit of dirt under her fingers.

Haukland was able to tell Nettavisen before the recording that this is actually the type of lady she is, and that she was looking forward to the Norwegian people getting to know this side.

– I come from Alta, and the way I have grown up is with a lot of outdoor activities and sports. I can gut fish, and “dig in the dirt”. It’s much more me than that life in Oslo with glam and glitter.

– The life I have now is the one I want to live, but it is far from the life I have lived. I think everyone gets to see a side of me that I have missed a lot.

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