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Not Ukraine! Putin Answers New War with 2 European Countries

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Not Ukraine!  Putin Answers New War with 2 European Countries

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russian President Vladimir Putin answered the question of the possibility of attacking countries other than Ukraine, in an interview, on Thursday local time. But Putin emphasized that this was impossible for Russia.

Putin admits he is not interested in expanding his war. Moreover, there are two other countries that are often discussed at the moment, Poland and Latvia.



He made the comments in a more than two-hour interview with host Tucker Carlson conducted in Moscow last Tuesday. His statement was also published on the tuckercarlson.com page.

“Just in one case, if Poland attacks Russia why? because we are not interested in Poland, Latvia or any other country. Why would we do that? we are not interested at all,” said Putin, quoted by Reuters, Friday (9/2/2024) .

The interview also discussed the agreement that could be reached for the release of imprisoned Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich. Evan was detained by Russia for almost a year on charges of being a spy.

On that occasion he also spent most of his interview complaining that Ukraine was close to agreeing to an agreement to end hostilities at negotiations in Istanbul in April 2022. However, after Russian troops withdrew from Kyiv, he said Urania thought he could turn things around.

“Now let them think about how to turn things around,” he said

Putin himself was officially interviewed by United States (US) media in October 2021. At that time Hadley Gamble from CNBC International talk to him.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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