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Ohio’s “Poisoned Train” Causes Environmental Disaster, Many Pollutant Treatment Plants in the United States Are Revealed to Have Violated Regulations – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Ohio’s “poisonous train” caused environmental disasters Pollutant treatment plants in many places in the United States were exposed to violations

It has been nearly a month since the “poisonous train” derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, USA in early February, and the transportation of contaminated waste is still in progress. According to the arrangement of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the pollutant disposal sites of the derailment accident include not only Vickery, East Liverpool and Grafton in the state of Ohio, but also Rochdale, Indiana. Previously, contaminated waste had been shipped to Belleville and Romulus, Michigan, and Deer Park, Texas. Generally, “toxic waste water” will be injected into the local ground, and solid waste will be incinerated at high temperature in an incinerator or buried in a landfill.

However, according to US media reports, many institutions that were arranged to deal with the waste polluted by the derailment accident have been exposed to illegal operations, and residents are deeply disturbed by the transport of pollutants to the local area for disposal.

In East Liverpool, Ohio, about 20 miles south of East Palestine, some of the solid waste from the “poison train” derailment was sent to an incinerator at a factory here. However, since the factory was established in 1992, it has been repeatedly protested by environmental protection organizations and faced multiple legal proceedings due to illegal operations and endangering the environment and public health. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, due to mechanical failures and operator errors, the plant released gases containing high levels of toxic chemicals as many as 195 times between 2010 and 2014.

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The plant claims to properly dispose of waste pollutants from East Palestine City, but local residents are skeptical given its poor record.

Reporter: How many of you are concerned about this?

Resident of East Liverpool, Ohio: The behavior of the factory shows that it is not a “good neighbor”.

East Liverpool, Ohio resident: This plant should never have existed.

East Liverpool, Ohio resident: We’re in a crisis right now and it’s suffocating me.

Earlier, some of the contaminated waste from the derailment of the “poisonous train” had been transported to a factory in Romulus, Michigan for processing. Local people held protests after learning of the incident. The factory has also repeatedly violated the regulations. In July 2022, the Michigan Department of the Environment, the Great Lakes and Energy reported a series of violations at the facility, including identification and labeling of waste that did not comply with specifications, unauthorized modification of liquid containers, and equipment inspections that did not comply with regulations. request etc. In January of this year, the factory was found to have violations in the marking of hazardous waste containers and the functioning of the alarm system.

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