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OpNet Wholesale Castle Tour, satisfaction with the event

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OpNet Wholesale Castle Tour, satisfaction with the event

Great success for the OpNet Wholesale Castle Tour

Last Thursday, the OpNet Wholesale Castle Tour ended in Sicily, the traveling event dedicated to TLC and their ecosystem, which was a great success among local and sector operators. This is demonstrated by the over one hundred and fifty ISPs and WISPs in the area, who participated in the last stage, set in the evocative setting of Villa Igiea, an iconic neo-Gothic style palace in the city of Palermo.

The Tour – hosted in some of the most fascinating historic homes of the Bel Paese – touched six different regions (in addition to Sicily also Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and Puglia) registering a total of over 700 participants , who discussed the latest sector news related to technological innovation and 5G. The initiative, in fact, promoted and favored multiple bilateral meetings between national and international big names with local Internet Service Providers, experts, bodies and suppliers.

Stefano Zacutti, General Manager Market and Finance of OpNet, commented: “We are proud of the success achieved this year by the OpNet Wholesale Castle Tour. For us it was important to meet so many professionals and representatives of local companies: all these meetings, the requests and also the suggestions received confirm the validity of the wholesale and enabling model of our “ecosystem” approach to 5G verticals. Even in a complex and changing market context, these events have allowed us to establish ourselves as a technological HUB, capable of connecting all the players involved, harmonizing technologies, skills and heterogeneous objectives. The success of the OpNet Wholesale Castle Tour is testament to the fact that we are going in the right direction.”

The Wholesale Castle Tour roadshow, of which OpNet was the main sponsor, supported by other prestigious Partners, made it possible to delve deeper into the topics relating to 5G, Wi-Fi 6, XGS-PON, IoT, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Unified Communication and Edge Data Centers. These are all areas that represent the cutting edge of innovation, offer huge opportunities for operators and highlight the transformative power of technology in today’s interconnected world.

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Over the course of five months, the Tour allowed OpNet, the first operator in Europe to have developed a national 5G Stand Alone Network, to carry out its mission with greater strength and effectiveness, namely that of offering, in a simple and neutral way, wholesale access to the most advanced connectivity to all market stakeholders for their business projects, encouraging the creation of a technological ecosystem in which to expand the potential of Wireless and 5G.

Host Sponsor of the Palermo event was DE-CIX supported by Sparkle. The other sponsors of the initiative were Fastweb, Eolo Wholesale, FT Telecom, ALL-NET Italia, FlashStart, VISIOTECH, AVM, AVASTYSTEM, NAQUADRIA, RUCKUS, RUIJIE and MIMOSA.

The event was created by 3vent, which took care of all the organizational details.

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